Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is pretty funny! This is Emma's rendition of the "How do you know you love her" song from one of her favorite movies Enchanted. Listen carefully and you can hear the How do you know part over and over and over... She does an Elvis impersonation, a ballerina twirl, gives thanks to her band (daddy), and claps for her own broadway performance!

Color time!

Emma is not my tiny baby any more. She can do all sorts of things (likely to be in trouble) and is learning so much. One of the things Emma is learning right now is colors and she loves to draw! Her favorite right now is "pink" of course and she has an elmo coloring book and crayons that she loves to draw on. Looking at these pictures I see a long little girl for 2 and 1/2 years old! Oh how time flies!

Emma on the Potty

Emma is such the big girl now. I just had to catch a photo of this! She told us she needed to go and went in to do her stuff. When I snuck up on her, I found her completely naked! She is such the character and she is learning so fast. Oh the places you'll go baby girl!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This week has been my week off and Emma and I have been potty training! So far so good. She has had a few accidents but has been telling me she needs to go. She has her little potty that Danielle and Austin gave her, but she can go on the big potty if you let her. It's been so nice to have this time off and spend every minute with her. I'm going to be spoiled and not want to go back to work on Monday! (cough cough)

Cowgirl Emma! We had a
fun weekend and visited with our friends Matt and Nicole and their kids. Their Grandma made them all stick horses and brought cowboy hats. Emma borrowed a hat and a pony and off she went!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! It was Hot Hot Hot in Vegas! Everyone was swimming or grilling and BBQ was in the air. It felt like summer. We joined in the celebrations by going to see the movie Hancock, swimming at Grandma Pammy's, BBQing ribs, and lighting off our own fireworks. We all had a good time, but Emma was reluctant this year and didn't want anything to do with the fireworks. In fact, she put her hands over her eyes! She didn't want to hold the sparklers either. It took a while but as the show went on in the front yard, she came around and started to enjoy watching. When we were out of fireworks, she turned to me and said, "more fireworks?" So brave huh? All in all, it was a very enjoyable 4th of July this year. Hey, our houses are still standing right? :)

Lily in the pool!

This is a video of Lily (our little dog if you didn't know) playing in the pool with us on the 4th of July. She just kept jumping in and chasing Emma's pink princess ball. It was too big for her mouth to catch, but she was so determined! She chased that ball up and down the pool until her little legs just gave up and she waddled out of the pool! We have more than one video clip, but this was the shortest. For those who think our dogs are crazy, here's proof!