Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I am not big on big birthdays. Ok, clarification...I am not big on big birthdays for myself. I love to plan the kids birthdays, but I rarely do anything for mine. For a few years we went to Disneyland and the beach, which I loved, but living in Vegas made that much easier. The last few were very low key, dinner out and maybe a movie. This year was just as quiet. I spent a few hours out and about with my friend Brooke to Marshalls and World Market(my favorite!) and then Phil took me out to dinner at Rock City Grill which was really good. Then we picked the kids back up and had cheesecake and I opened a few gifts. Phil got me new grey converse! Love! He also got me my favorite wall scents from Bath and Body. My mom got me new jammies from Victoria's Secret and some cute hand towels for my kitchen. I had a nice birthday and figured I'd say so. I bet if I look back through the blog, you won't find any birthday posts for me. :)  Trying to be better at ALL the events in our lives. :)  Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

A few of my lovely gifts.
Not sure why, but Owen didn't want to cooperate for a birthday photo with Mom!
We tried, but to no avail. Ha!
The birthday girl. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was SOOOO pretty! The weather was gorgeous! So of course we went to the park almost every day!


And of course we had to color our eggs for hiding! This was Owen's first time and he had a great time! Emma of course was a pro!

 I am not sure what was going on, but Owen rolled this egg all over his face! We died laughing! Must have been one super smooth egg!

Sunday started out well. Emma got us all up excited to hunt for eggs and see her basket. She woke Owen up before we could stop her! This may be what contributed to the rest of our day. Ha! It was Owen's first egg hunt and he loved it! He picked it right up and filled his carton of eggs. Emma was a great helper and led the way!

The kids dove into their baskets and then we had breakfast. Well except for Owen who had M&M's. Ha!  Then into our new Sunday best and off to church! This is where the day took its turn. Owen DID NOT want to put on his shirt and had a huge meltdown that continued for hours! We came home from church and I tried to get both kids to nap, but neither cooperated. So I did. Ha!

I made a delicious Easter dinner of Salmon, asparagus, and couscous. And for dessert I made Easter sugar cookies. That kind of made up for the hours of tears and unhappiness. Ha! Guess we can't win em all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with their families!