Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009!!!

Below are three slideshows I put together since I couldn't decide what photos to choose! :) The bottom one is of Christmas Eve, the middle is Christmas Morning, and the top is our family photos.

This year I had to work and we couldn't travel, so the Tribetts, Andersons, and Schwehrs came to us. We had a blast! We went to Temple Square on Christmas Eve (brrrrr!) and came back and had hot chocolate to get toasty warm. Emma was so excited about Santa! She left him out cookies and milk and went to bed like a good girl. Then the elves came out and got the place ready for Santa and he came with a full bag of goodies! When it was time to get up and see what Santa brought, Emma became very shy and hid in the kitchen. We had to coax her out, but once she got a closer look, she forgot her humility and dove right in! She had asked Santa for pretent make-up (the Santa at the mall) and Tinkerbell toys (in a letter). She got both, not to mention plenty more. She got toys toys and more toys. I didn't know where I was going to put them all! This is the 2nd year we spent with Laura Dave and Shae, and Shae had a great time too! She got all sorts of toys, one in particular was this tiny Snowwhite vacuum that sung Whistle While You Work. So cute! She pushed it around all morning. I think everyone got what they wanted and we all seemed to have a terrific time. We also went up the canyon for our family pics and froze half to death taking them, but I think they turned out great for just us amateur photgraphers. Dave had an awesome camera too! The day after Christmas, we joined the crowd and spent our gift cards at Walmart (a madhouse) and the mall (double madhouse) and played Dave's Wii thru the night. On Sunday, everyone went home and we realized how fast it went by. I always hate that. But it was soooo nice to see everyone and to spend time catching up and enjoying everyone's company. We got to meet my Mom's new husband Phil Anderson and we got to see how much Shae has grown. We got to laugh and play and we couldn't have asked for more. Fun memories....And now its a week later and the New Year is upon us.... 2010? What happened to 2009?!? To whom ever reads this, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Police Lollipops!

I wish I could have caught this on video!!! We have been driving around alot on our days off running with the Christmas crowd, and today we heard Feliz Navidad twice on the radio and the catchy tune was stuck in Emma's head. However, she has no idea what Feliz Navidad means or how to say it. My ears perked up as I was making dinner because I could here her singing the tune, but as I listened I realized she was saying, " Police Lillipops, da da da daaa, Police lollipops..." I was rolling with laughter and ran to get the cam, but she realized I was on to her and she went glib lipped and wouldn't sing for me. But how cute is that?!? Police Lollipops!

Christmas cookies!

On my day off this week, we had a full day of Christmas activities. We made paper snowflakes, baked and decorated sugar cookies, and watched Christmas movies all day! This was Emma's first real experience decorating Christmas cookies without assistance. She was so cute and did a great job! She particularly liked to dump on the colored sugars and chocolate chips. You can see in the above picture. My brother Steven got quite inventive and made the cutest snowman, an elderly gingerbread man, and detailed xmas sock cookies! You can kinda see in the top pic. We had a fun day feeling the Christmas spirit!

Friday, December 4, 2009


December is here! Ahhhhhh! Where did this year go?!? Not even funny. Its only the 4th day of December, but I feel the pressure. lol. Actually I have most of my shopping done, but I still can't believe how close Christmas is and then New Years and then Emma turns 4! I cannot believe that! Where does the time go? :)