Saturday, August 25, 2012

Emma's back to school hair cut!

Only one week and Emma is back to school. Big girl now, 1st Grade! This year, Emma asked to have a back to school hair cut.  She remembered we did last year. We had been growing it out since her birthday and it was getting fairly long for her. But while Emma likes to have longer hair and do it up like princesses and all her fun themed ideas, she hates, and I mean HATES, having to brush it and do it. She cries and fusses and screeches and moans. So when she asked, I obliged.  Off we went to Great Clips where they lopped off 5 inches! Ha!  But its what she wanted.  It looks dang super cute! And I am happy because she is. :)  Now she looks a little bit older and wiser too. Sniff sniff. Isn't she adorable though?  I know I'm biased., but she is. Now to go have a good cry that my baby is getting too big....

Photo Project #3

The Norman Family volunteered for me once again! I had the pleasure of taking photos of my friend Brooke and her husband Aaron for their 5 year wedding anniversary.  It was so much fun!  We went downtown Spokane and walked around the streets and managed some seriously fun shots.  I posted a few of my favorites here.  I also managed to use totally manual functions (no auto anything!) with my camera and am glad for the practice. Now I am kinda jealous of the fun photos and want anniversary photos of Phil and I next month!  haha!  Thank you Brooke and Aaron for letting me be part of your little anniversary project!  I had so much fun!  Now onto your fall family photos next....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun with the camera part 2

Part 2 of fun with my camera begins with this sweet little guy Braxton.  He just turned 18 months and I volunteered to take his milestone pics.  I needed more models you see and Brooke accepted the challenge!  She had a plan to take them at their family reunion the week before, but their time was short and thus, I ended up being able to play yet again.  I grabbed a basket and we headed to this red barn I knew of next to an old shed or horse stable, not sure.  Either way we had a simple background to show off this adorable little man!  He was soooo good.  Cooperated and all.  I wish Owen was that well behaved for photos!  He turns 18 months next month and I hope to take some fun ones of him, but lets be honest.... It will be a miracle!  Thanks to Brooke and her little guy for being my volunteers!  Next up...Brooke and Aaron's 5 year anniversary photos... yes, more volunteer time!  Ha!  And then (can't believe it) Emma's back to school photos!

Fun with the camera part 1

I got my camera a few months ago and I have been playing with it on a pretty regular basis, but mostly to learn all its bells and whistles.  I wasn't taking photos of anything really worth while to post, but I learned a ton about producing a nice bokeh and using the manual settings of the camera. Then I found myself a volunteer!  Ha!  My friend Brooke and her husband are celebrating their 5 year anniversary this year and she dug her wedding dress out and tried it on. To her surprise she found that after two babies and 5 years it fit, and even better than before!  So we made a plan to take some fun photos to commemorate her anniversary and her svelt self. :)  Above are only a few of the pics I took, but overall they turned out well.  And either way we had ourselves some fun!  Thanks Brooke!

4th of July

Fourth of July this year was fairly low key, but we managed to have some good ol' fashioned fun!  Summer had finally arrived and the sun was bright and hot. We took the kids over to the South Hill Aquatic Center to cool off in the fun pool and while Emma had a blast, Owen felt he suffered through most of it.  There was this big bucket at the top of the play equipment, and when it filled with water it tipped over and water crashed down with a loud wave.  Owen DID NOT like it.  He clung to us and whined ever time it happened which was like every 2 minutes or so.  They have a little lazy river we tried to go around, but that loud noise was just too distracting.  Finally I tried to sit with him in the zero depth area, but nope.  He wasn't about to budge.  So we got out and let Emma continue to play while we sat on the chairs and enjoyed some sun(Owen on our laps.)  But after about 15 minutes out of the water something happened.  Owen found some courage and got off my lap and slowly explored by our chairs.  When we were almost ready to go we got Emma out and they were giving away free red white and blue popsicles.  This was the moment Owen decided that it was all okay!  He grabbed that popsicle out of my hand and enjoyed every last bit.  It was all over his face, tummy, hands, and feet! And then it was all giggles and smiles!  We went home to get cleaned up and to let Owen nap and then we headed back out for a concert in the park and a picnic. It was pretty fun!   We enjoyed the music and Owen bobbed and swayed. Emma ran around with kids by us.  Once it was dark it was time for the firework show...and jackets?  It got down right chilly!  That was a totally new experience in July.  Ha!  We enjoyed celebrating America's birthday and the kids had a great time.  The only weird part was that Washington does not allow any kind of firework. NONE.  So there were no street parties or neighborhoods letting off even the smallest Piccolo Peets.  Kinda weird! No firework stands nothing. Only controlled public shows.  Maybe next year we will go somewhere with an even bigger show!