Sunday, March 17, 2013

Owen's Birthday Party!

It was a Mickey Mouse party!

Owen had a fun low key Mickey party. Grandma came over and his friend Braxton and their family came. He got More Mickey and Cars stuff! He ran amuck and ate his "Hot Diggity Dog." He really didn't understand it was all for him, but he had a blast anyway!

I pretty much made everything. Our friends had asked if I painted the balloons myself and I said no, I just bought them. Then they asked if I made the balloons look like Mickey ears with the trio of them. Again I said no. Then they told me I was failing to impress and should have just said yes! lol! I did make the banner, the cupcakes, and the cups. :)

Owen had a great time and that's all that matters! Happy birthday to our little man!

Owen 2nd Birthday!

1) Owen's biggest birthday surprise was a big boy Mickey Room! Mommy worked real hard to have it all done in time. Hot diggity dog!

2) Owen's favorite new toy. A new slide for the back yard! Perfect for these warmer days that are now beginning to grace us. He played non-stop until dinner time!

 3) We are having a Mickey party with friends, so instead, we opted for a Car cake, Owen's other favorite thing. His Hot Wheels! (not my best, but it will do. ha!)

 4) We went to dinner and then came home and Owen opened a few gifts. He got a new puzzle, a ball for the yard, and a new Mickey!

5) This is a progression of Owen as we sang Happy Birthday. He felt embarrassed or something because the water works commenced. Look at that lip!

6)  He tried real hard to blow out his candle! Daddy helped.

7) Owen decided the cake was worth trying. He ate two whole pieces and had to take a bath to wash it off! Then we watched a movie(Rise of the Guardians. Cute!) and he made another mess with Red Vines. 

Happy Birthday buddy! We hope you enjoyed your day of fun! Such a big boy now! I love you so dang much!

Owen is 2!!!

The Birthday Boy is 2! I cannot believe it! How is that possible?! ( I know I say that all the time! Sick of hearing it yet?!)

Owen has always been our more serious kid, but he has been growing the greatest personality! He makes such silly faces and responds with the funniest phrases. I think he will have a wonderful sense of humor! He keeps us on our toes that's for sure.

He is still our Destroyer. Do not leave anything with in his reach that is breakable etc. And if you think you wanna clean, forget it. He will be right behind you like a wave of destruction! Ha!

Owen LOVES Mickey Mouse. Loves everything about it. Asks to watch it everyday. He has stuffed toys, t-shirts, and shoes. He is Mickey's #1 fan!

He LOVES anything to do with "hars." That's cars to you. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Monster Truck, the movie Cars, or anything with wheels really. Totally all boy!

He has a pretty large vocabulary, though you have to be listening to understand it.

Owen is VERY active and its hard to get him to take a nap when he needs one. Its sort of phasing out. That makes Mom a little sad. :)

He loves Red Vines. Loves them! He would eat a whole pack if you let him with several in each fist.

A few foodie favorites...chocolate milk, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese.

We started to move right before his birthday, and we knew it was the right home because Owen refused to go back to the old house when we had to. Would throw a total fit! Was pretty funny.  He settled in without batting an eyelash!

Along with his love of cars, he loves to go for rides in the car. His favorite place to go is Walmart or the Mall. We go there often enough he recognizes the way, and if we go off course, you can bet we'll hear about it.

Owen is still a blankie boy! Loves his two soft blankies and has to sleep with them every night. They get dragged around the house every day.

He loves music and LOVES to dance! He has a wiggle that is hilarious!

Owen HATES bed time. Oops. He must be related to me. Ha! Once he figured out how to get out of his crib, it was all over.

He thinks he like Pepsi still. Its a total war in this house if there is a Pepsi bottle. lol!

On a nice warm day, Owen loves to go in the back yard and play in the dirt. Again, I say all boy.

And of course like any boy, he is covered in bruises and sometimes has 2 baths a day. Ha!

These are just a few of his funny quirks and likes that we adore!

Owen is a character and we love him so much! I can't get over the fact that he is 2. That he has grown into such a strong a vibrant little boy. No longer my tiny baby. His silky blond hair, his green eyes, and full lip.  His laugh, his stormy temper, and his spontaneous loves. I cannot imagine life with out him. Happy Birthday Owen. We love you so much!