Friday, April 29, 2011

Owen's 1 month old!

Owen turned one month old on April 15th. I can't believe how time flies! We are all having so much fun with him. He is so tiny, but so strong. He tries to hold his head up and look around or tries to push up with his legs. He likes to think he can sit up too. Of course he can't yet, but he is determined to try. He has the cutest smile, although its mostly in his sleep. He loves to eat! He gained 3 pounds in 6 weeks. If he is sleeping and wakes up hungry he doesn't wait to let you know. He immediatly cries as loud as he can to declare its meal time. He isn't exactly a binki baby but he will take one when fussy. Emma never did accept them. lol. He is getting rounder and I can tell how he has grown. And its so fun to put him in cute baby boy clothes! I am enjoying that, while he has grown, he is still so small. :)

Emma just loves Owen to death. Always wanting to hold him or be a helper. She tells me all the time that she loves him and she loves to give him kisses. She is such a trooper through this change. She was concerned in the beginning, especially when I was in the hospital, and then about his belly button which was funny. At first when he cried she'd put her hands over her ears and ask why he was crying. Now its just second nature and as soon as he fusses she will bring the binki out. We have been stopped a few times in places like Smiths or Walmart and people stop to ask Emma if she is the big sister. Of course she proudly answers "Yes!" She asks all the time if "when he gets bigger, can he play games?" She is so excited to have a brother and we are so excited for her!

So far so good. Mommy doesn't get much sleep. I usually get thru a 24 hour period on about 4 hours sometimes 5 hours of sleep as the longest stretch. Daddy works so we try not to disturb him on those days. We have had all our doctor appts and everyone is healthy and doing great. What more could we ask? Healthy, happy, and safe. :) We are truly lucky and blessed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Owen's Baby Blessing

Easter was Owen's baby blessing and it went very nicely. Phil did a great job! All our family that could attend came and we took up two rows at church. lol. Made it a full sacrament! Owen was very cute in his little white outfit, but he is still so tiny that he swam in it. We were also afraid that as babies do, he would have a blowout in his white outfit. haha! Would figure right? But all went well and no ruined outfits. Our little family wore blue for Easter and we all had white accents to match little man. It really was a beautiful Easter Sunday. A bit windy, but very pretty(parks were full!). After the blessing we went to the Flemings for an Easter/Blessing lunch. We had sandwhiches, and potatoe salad, deviled eggs, bbq baked beans, and more. They went all out! Brenda got this adorable cake too. We all visited and had a great time. Wade told us about this dog he had when he was a kid. Some funny stories came out! Love learning about family. We had a very good time and it is an Easter we will all remember! (and now I have no excuse to foget what date Owen was blessed. lol!)

Easter 2011

Easter was pretty eventful this year! Grandma Pammy and Pop Pop Phil came to town for a few days for Owen's baby blessing and so we had guests. Emma got up early and we made her go back in her room for about another hour. She was so excited to find those eggs and see her basket(but at 6am? I think not)! The Easter bunny hid eggs in the front and back yard, and he left everyone a basket. Emma dove right into see what was in her basket of goodies and candy and then off she went to find those eggs! Then of course we had breakfast and got ready for church. Easter was also Owen's blessing so it was a very memorable Easter!