Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Uh oh!

Looks who figured out how to pull himself up in his crib!! I think its time to lower the matress a notch! He loves to stand and he loves his crib, so this must be a blast!

Santa's Elf stops by!

Emma woke up Sunday morning to find that one of Santa's elves had come to check on her and to take her letter to Santa. We found snowy footprints (its northpole snow that never melts) and a note the elf left for Emma. His name is Jolly Jack and his job is to help Santa check the naughty and nice list. And he said, so far, she is still on the nice list. :)

I cannot express some of these moments in words and for those of you who know me, know thats quite the fete! I was bleary eyed when Emma woke us up calling to come see, but the moment you watch your childs eyes light up with fascination and wonder....there are no words. Just this warm tingle and a tear to my eye. Its such a precious thing, childhood. And I am so blessed to have Emma! Its so much fun!

Owen 9 months Old!

Owen at 9 Months...

Owen is our little Big man! He has that wise look in his eye. Always as though he knows more than we do. And yet he is trapped, so to speak, in this baby body and is learning how to communicate and coordinate. An old soul.

Owen is teething badly. He is very irritable and clingy and I have lost a ton of sleep this last month. He used to sleep thru the night, but now wakes up several times. I have tried everything, but to no avail. Those teeth just need to break thru already!

He is a blanky boy! He LOVES him his soft blankies! He has several, but one in particular he absolutely loves and cuddles. Its the one we brought him home from the hospital in. Its my favorite too. :)

Owen is way ahead of the curve compared to Emma at this stage. Emma was content to sit, jabber, and play. Owen, however, is all over the place! He first learned to roll to where he wanted to go. Then it turned into an army crawl. And just today, he was up on all four, and went a few feet really crawling. We are in for trouble. No more being able to leave him and know where he'll be when we get back!

From the beginning Owen was a great eater and LOVED it! So its a bit of a surprise that Owen is a bit picky when it comes to food nowadays. Its all about the textures. He still likes soft blended baby food and cereal. However, he loves Cheerios! He has great dexterity with his hands and carefully picks them up one at a time with his little fingers. He is very interested in what we are eating. He loves to get a taste even if he doesn't like it. He really likes things like pizza crust, crackers, or bread that he can nom on. This said, he won't eat things like Spaghettios. He spits out the O's. No macaroni and cheese either. And I am talking very fine blend here. Still nope. Ah, but eventually he will.

Owen still loves his bottle. I think we may have an issue taking it away eventually. He can drink from a sippy cup now and we are transitioning to them during the day, but he still has his bedtime bottle. Not looking forward to that last one. haha.

Owen likes music and with a good beat "dances." He also is mesmerized by that creepy Kia Hamster advertise on TV. No matter what he is doing he will stop to watch and bounce with the music. "Party Rock is in the house tonight!..."One day I will catch it on video!

Since Owen was about 2 months old he has loved to stand. So its no surprise its one of his favorite things to do. He holds on to the couch, or your knee, or whatever is in reach. He just loves it and jabbers away and laughs. Fully entertained until his legs give out. Still loves his activity center for this very reason.

Owen loves his swing and thank heavens we managed to not go too long without it when ours broke!

Owen still doesn't really have any hair, but its coming in. Its so soft and fine like silk. I love it. And I love the way he smells. Like baby!

He adores Emma! I think his main motivation to move is so he can eventually keep up with her. Not sure she will be so thrilled about that once he can get to her things. lol.

Owen loves his Daddy! Daddy is the fun guy who throws him in the air, tickles his tummy, and cuddles him with big arms. He gives Daddy the best giggles!

Owen is a big Momma's boy. I always thought it was pretty even between me and Phil after we were all up here together and settled, but recently its been noticeable. He wont stop crying or whining until I am holding him or I come back into the room etc. And then he just wants to cuddle and have mommy hold him. And of course I have no objection with that!(except when I am trying to be productive.) :)

Owen loves to see himself in the mirror. He is fascinated. He gives"the other baby" kisses and pats at the mirror. I need to get this on video too!

Owen is 19 pounds, 29 and 3/4 inches long and a growing baby boy! We are enjoying him so very much and can't believe its already been 9 months. Seems a bit cruel if you ask me! Wanted him so bad and waited and waited. Then he shows up early and its like the clock was put on fast forward! If anyone knows the secret to slow down time, please let me know!

We are beyond blessed. Gratitude isn't enough. Love you little man!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nothing sweeter than a baby laugh!

Hearing a baby laugh is so contagious! He was playing with Daddy and was having a blast! He thinks Dad is the coolest!

Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!

Owen just started this little "wiggle" one day. We thought it was hilarious! He does it all the time now. He does it most when he is happy or excited. Its too funny. Especially when he tries to do it while locked in his car seat! :)

1st Holiday Photos for Owen!

Emma told us that Owen was her present. Melt my heart!

Dashing thru the snow!

Our little ham, Emma! She loves the camera!

Handome boy is 8 months old now!

Love Emma's freckles. Such a sweet girl!

Emma is so excited this year and tells us Owen "has been good too." Guess Santa can stop by! haha!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my sister Rachel came to visit, and she works for JcPenney photo studio. She got us a crazy deal for $30! Couldn't pass it up to get a few photos for the holidays. I still like outdoor photos best, but these are pretty darn fun! We are all excited for our first Christmas with Owen!