Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

It was a pretty nice day for Memorial Day. It was 80 degrees, sunny, and perfect for a day at the pool and a bbq. We took emma to Desert Breeze Pool. Owen came along for the ride. :) He slept half the time in his carrier, but when he woke up we put him in his little suit and got his feet wet. He didnt like that it was colder than he was used to, but once acclimated to the temp he was relaxed. He was so cute in his little outfit! Emma is a little fish! She enjoyed the shallow water and all the other kids. And no one had sun burns. :)

In a far away city, Phil was watching a parade and a flag ceremony. My mom's husband is a Vietnam Vet and he is very active in his community. Phil got the VIP treatment and had a good time celebrating in style. :) We miss him, but he will be here this coming weekend. Yay!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Sometimes it is just so surreal to me that I have two beautiful children. I am so grateful that I have been blessed to be a mother. Its so not easy, but it the most fulfilling experience that I will ever undertake. I am so lucky to have such a good husband and such happy children to call my own. Emma is just so loving, eager to please, and so imaginative. I love hearing her tell me stories and to listen to her playing when she doesnt know I am eavesdropping. lol. She is such the helper and just loves her new job of big sister. She wants to be everyone's friend and she is not shy in any way. She finds people just about anywhere to chat up. This weekend it was the Flight attendant at the door while we waited for our late plane. :) She has charm and charisma! I adore her so very much. I love you Emma! And Owen is such a character and he is only 8 weeks old! He decided the week of mother's day to start smiling for me! I LOVE it. He is so darn cute. He is demanding when it comes to eating and we joke its a dictatorship when its time to eat. Must be a boy thing. lol. He is such a good baby though. Generally happy and loves to be loved. :) And he is such a huge blessing. I love you Owen!

As you can see from the previous post, we are getting ready to move to Spokane at the end of the summer. We drove Phil up last weekend, spent the week with him, and at the end of the week, we drove down to Quincy to have Mother's Day with Grandma Pammy. The weather was weird so no fun pics outside, but we did manage a few. We got up on Sunday morning and went to Grandma's ward which does sacrament last so I felt all turned around. lol. In sacrament the primary sang mother's day songs and the talks were all about mother's day. Two of the men that spoke gave hilarious talks about their mothers and their childhood. At the end, the moms were given chocolate! So much better than a carnation. lol! We went home and had lunch and relaxed. We made my version of stuffed parmesan chicken for dinner. We exchanged a few gifts, and had vanilla ice cream with raspberry compote or chocolate chips for dessert. It was a very nice low key Mother's Day. It was really nice to spend it with my Mom. The last few years were just conversations over the phone and cards in the mail. It's nice to spend time and appreciate eachother. Monday was time to head home. My mom, even though its a tedious drive(she wrecked her car last time), took Emma, Owen and I to the Pasco airport and we flew home. (And Allegiant air is a whole different story! lol.) Happy Mother's Day to all those Mother's in my life! I hope your day was spoiled. ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip to Spokane

For those of you who don't know, Phil has accepted a job offer in Spokane,WA. We drove him up on May 1st and spent the week exploring the city. Washington is a beautiful state. I have now been on the west, central, and eastern areas and they are all completely different, but all very scenic and green. It took us 2 days to drive. We stopped Sunday night in Logan, UT and visited the Tribetts. I haven't seen them in a few years and it was really nice to visit. Emma is very social and jumped right into playing and visiting with them. We saw Great Grandma Tribett and met Deegan and Tayson for the first time. So cute! Too short a visit though. On Monday we drove the rest of the way. It was the longer end of the drive, but Emma was so good. Owen slept most of the drive except when hunger would wake him up. He is an eating machine! lol. A funny side note was that Owen had a huge blowout and we had to stop and clean him up, but it took forever because it was all over! Gross. lol We got to Spokane in good time and got into our hotel room and relaxed before bed. The next day we all got up and took a look around Spokane. We drove around to different areas and got a sense of the layout and where things were. On Wednesday Phil had his first day which went well. He took us over on his lunch and showed us the office and we met a few people. Then I took the car and took Emma and Owen around while the weather was nice. There is a large river that runs thru Spokane and I took Emma to this park right on the river downtown. There is a large Red Flyer Wagon slide that Phil had told Emma about. So I took her over to play. We walked around and saw where the river drops and creates a waterfall. Emma thought the whole thing was great. Its all very pretty. Then today was a relaxing day. We went for a 3 mile walk around this trail along the river. There are these rodents that are a cross between squirels and groundhogs. They are all along the riverbank and Emma fed them Chex mix. I think this was her favorite thing! She even took Phil out to see them. They were pretty funny and took the food right out of Emma's hand. She thought that was great! She even ran out of chex mix. lol. We are going to go see the temple this evening and then tomorrow after Phil gets off we are driving to Quincy to see Grandma for Mother's Day. Emma has been having a ball! She understands we are moving here, but I think she thinks we will be living in the hotel. haha! Overall we are having a good time and enjoying the change in scenery. :)