Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Fall visit with Aunt Rachel!

Aunt Rachel came to visit for her birthday and we decided to make it a fun festive Fall weekend. Did you like that alliteration? hehe. She was here for 4 days and we went out to dinner a couple of times and on Saturday we did a fun corn maze. This was the first year we actually did one and it was pretty darn fun! Emma had a blast finding her way through. On Sunday Grandma drove over and we went to Greenbluff to the pumpkin patch at Knapps Farm. We watched the "punkin chunkin" which Grandma thought was hilarious and walked through all the pumpkins. We grabbed a box and picked a ton of raspberries and blackberries. The kids saw all the farm animals and played in the hay bale maze. The weather was gorgeous and golden! Perfect for a Fall visit. :)  We had a great time and hopefully Rachel enjoyed her trip! We miss you Rachel! :)  Here's to whatever we come up with for next year! ha!

Phil's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Phil! #34!

I asked Phil way in advance what he would like to do for his birthday since it was on a Saturday and we could do whatever he wanted. His response? "I wanna sit on the couch and do nothing." At first I didn't think he was serious, but no, that is EXACTLY what he wanted and EXACTLY what we let him do. No work, no chores, no running around. A day off  from EVERYTHING. He sat on the couch and watched college football and invited over our friends the Norman's. We let the kids play and we munched on buffalo chicken dip, bbq chicken wings, fries, veggies, and rootbeer floats. For dessert? He didn't want a birthday cake, he wanted brownies and ice cream. And so that's what we did. He had his day his way. And my final gift to him? I basket full of "hotness!" hehe. I bought every hot sauce I knew Phil liked, a Seahawks t-shirt, and his favorite Fall treat,pumpkin candies. He was very excited about the hot sauces. lol!

Unfortunately, just after brownies and ice cream, Owen was doing terrible and having a hard time breathing. In a matter of hours he went from normal to very sick. Literally hours! So while Phil played his playstation with his friend, I ran Owen to the ER. It turned out he had Croup. Man it was nasty! The sound is just terrible and scary! They put him on a breathing treatment and an oral steroid. We were only there maybe an hour or so and we were back home, but if Owen could tell you what he thought of the ER, he would shake his fist I am sure! He threw up all over the first set of nurses because he was all worked up and screaming, then they had to hold the breathing treatment mask to his face, and the worst thing of all? The little monitor they put on your finger to watch heartbeat and oxygen levels. He HATED it. One of the nurses finally got one that would go on his foot so he wouldn't have to look at it. We managed to have him lay in the bed and watch Cars 2. When they said we could go, Owen moved at the speed of light out of that bed. Ha! By the next morning he was back to himself. Modern technology is amazing!

And so, Phil's birthday was a day for him to relax and do as he pleased even with our minor detour to the ER. He has been enjoying his "hotness" with as many meals as possible. Ha! Happy Birthday Phil! 

Spokane County Fair

For the 2nd year, we got out and went to the Spokane Country Fair and had a blast! We walked through all the live stalk and the kids loved seeing all the animals. We had fair food, yum! And of course Emma rode some rides and even managed to drag Phil on a few. Ha! I couldn't go with her since I was round and prego. Owen was NOT interested in the rides like we thought he might be. He wouldn't even get on the little cars that just went in circles. He must have inherited Daddy's love of fair rides. Ha! Emma on the other hand had a blast and went on all sorts of stuff. She Loved it all! It was totally worth leaving with empty wallets to see her have such a good time. :) Here's to next year! And next year, to no waddling! Ha!

Mommy and Owen time.

With Emma back in school,  its just me and the little man around here. I am totally soaking up this time I get with him!  The days are counting down until another baby boy will enter the picture, and so I have enjoyed this special Mommy and Owen one on one time.  As you can see from the above pictures, he has figured out his silly camera face. He is such a fun little boy! He has so much energy and spunk! When he was a baby he was so serious, but to know him now you'd never guess. He's got such a personality and is so dang funny! The stuff this kid says! At 2 and a half, he keeps us on our toes, that is for sure. We love him and I am trying so hard to slow down these moments and cherish them. Love you Owen!