Monday, July 14, 2014

Jude is 7 months old!

Should I even say anything? Its getting depressing. Ha! This last month was so busy that I almost forgot that the 11th came and went.... Seven months old. More than half a year now. This little mile marker stings a little more than the others. Not only that, but he's a built in countdown to Christmas. Gah! Five months people!

A little about Jude at 7 months:

Jude is sitting up all by himslef now. He used to just kinda flop over after a few seconds, but he is now in control and sits happily playing and using his hands to"bang" on whatever is in front of him.

He loves his little chain link toys and is constantly chewing on them. He likes to hold them with both hands and cackle in delight as he flings them about.

Drooling has significantly increased due to teething, but no teeth yet.

He is now eating baby cereal mixed with a fruit or vegetable. He has been the most picky of the three. When we introduced the cereal he gagged every time! Now he sees the bowl and spoon and gets very excited. Phew!

Jude has expanded his rolling from just across the room, to wherever mom goes. He's getting really good about turning corners!

He still loves his jumper and we've had to up its level from a 2 to a 3 because he has grown. Sigh.

He adores Owen so very much that it melts your heart watching them. Sweet brothers.

Emma loves to hold Jude and Jude thinks his big sister is great! He always smiles for her and he gets excited when she enters the room. She is the gentler sibling. hehe.

Jude still doesn't have much hair. It has mostly fallen out. Cradle cap hasn't helped. What he does have is very soft and fine silk. It still appears more brown than blonde but the more he loses the harder it is to tell.

His eyes are still very piercingly blue. The question still remains if they will turn hazel like the other kids. I hope not. They are so bright!

Jude loves his mama. He loves to snuggle and get loves and even nap in moms lap. Mom enjoys every second!

Dad is still the man! The reaction Daddy gets when he comes home from work is literally happy squeals of delight. His arms wave and his legs kick! He loves his dad! (Que the song,"I'm so Glad When Daddy Comes Home")

Jude has been, and still is, the most pleasant and happy baby. He is such a sweet little guy! We love him so much, and our lives are so much fuller with him in it! We love you, Jude!

And this just shows his cute personality! He's thinkin,"What on earth are you guys doing?" While Emma and Dad talk silly and jump up and down trying to get his attention.

Fourth of July!

For the second year in a row, we had the pleasure of going to ND and visiting Nana and Popo (Phil's parents) for the Fourth of July weekend. And as before, we had a blast! Austin and his family went again as well, and we got a good 24 hours of playtime before they headed down to Ashlynn's harp camp. I did my best to capture everyone in there somewhere! The only thing I failed to capture was the taste of the delicious food that Wade and Brenda made. Don't know if it was nostalgia or not, but it sure was dang good! Steaks, potatoes, green beans, chicken, crumble burgers...all delicious! 

But the company was best! It was so nice to visit and see them! We are counting ourselves lucky that we have already seen them twice this year, and are hoping for a third in the Fall. Crossing our fingers they can come see Spokane while there is sun instead of snow. Ha! We loved seeing everyone. It goes too fast!

Fire works time!

Please note that Owen would not come out of the house because it was too "loud." and Emma wore a hoodie because she was afraid of mosquitoes even after we sprayed ourselves. Ha!

On Saturday before Austin's family left we got to try out the new indoor pool!

On Sunday we walked down to the little community park to stretch and play. Fun little equipment! Kids loved the teeter totter.

As always time goes by too quickly and we found ourselves headed back home.

We also got to pop in and say hi to our cousin Shaelynn in Bozeman, MT! We don't get to see her often either, so when we can, we do!

Until next time!!!! We miss you and hope to see you soon!