Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anniversary Weekend/FCAD

Emma getting her cut of the candy at the parade!

Us chillin at the Hot Air Balloon Light Up. Emma was in the jumper behind us. lol

Look at the size of that carrot! Its the field across the street and they grow those for things like frozen food stuff etc. They are so fat!

All of us enjoying the weekend in a field of corn. :) We even went in but I dare say its not as easy as it looks. lol Jungle!

This weekend we went to Quincy,WA for FCAD(Farmer Consumer Awareness Day). We had so much fun! Its a tiny town, but they had a fun parade(John Deer tractors, dancing horses, cheerleaders on John Deer mowers, a fire-engine that soaked us, and they threw candy to the kids), a quilt show, some live music and food, and of course the tractor pulls. I have never seen anything so funny. They compete to see which tractor can pull more and how far. In the evening there was a Hot Air Balloon light up with food and a singing Elvis(didn't we leave Vegas? lol). We ate fun food, picked fresh fruits and veggies from my Mom's garden and her neighbors peach trees, and we watched a fun firework show that would rival those in the big cities! It was nice of my mom and her husband to put up with us for the weekend and to educate us in the art of being a Washingtonian, as Phil A would say. haha. It also happened to be our 12 year anniversary and we enjoyed being out and about doing something different. For several years we were moving and didn't do anything at all. lol. This year will for sure be memorable!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Emma's 1st day of school!

The year of Kindergarten has finally arrived! I remember when Emma was born, thinking that this day was so far away, and what would she be like? Emma is bright, enthusiastic, imaginative, loving, and kind. She plays and plays and pretends like a pro! Such fun to be a little girl with an imagination. She has a big heart and befriends everyone around us from the grocery clerk to her newfound friends on the playground. She is outgoing and fun spirited. She is such a help to me and she is an awesome big sister. Owen already loves her so much and is eager to be where she is. As soon as he can move, she will have a devoted follower. haha! And her mom and dad think the world of her and are so so blessed to call her their daughter. I love you so much and am so proud of you, Emma!

Emma wasn't one bit scared on her first day. She was so excited and was ready to go. She was up and dressed, fed, and had her back pack on when the time came. I took pictures of course. And then off to school we went. Emma has afternoon kindergarten with Mrs. Stevenson. ( We met her teacher the day before.) We arrived with all the other kids and parents and waited on the playground while the kids explored. Then the whistle blew and the kids followed the instructions to line up and into class they went. She was too cute waving at me until she was inside the doors. I didn't have to worry for one minute. She loves people and isn't afraid of new things. And just so everyone will know, I did not cry! haha. I thought I would, but when the time came I was excited for her and proud, and I didn't shed a tear. True story. lol.

And now its been a few days...Emma still loves it and we had her first homework today. My little girl is in school! I can't believe it!