Sunday, September 28, 2014

Daddy is 29 again!! :)

Happy Birthday to Daddy! We have become Seattle Seahawk fans in the last few years and this year Emma wanted to give Daddy a Seahawks birthday. So we found him some Seahawks cupcakes to eat while we watched a Seahawks game and he wore his Seahawks shirt. Happy Birthday! The big 35. :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Emma's New Room!

Owen and Jude aren't the only ones with a new room! I finally finished up Emma's at the end of the summer. I LOVE her cute bedding and theme, but it really needed a make-over. So I painted her old dresser and then painted and added a headboard I had, made some wall art, and viola! A fun updated room for our sweet Emma! I'm not 100% finished as I have plans for some book shelves and a photo string, but overall I'm very happy with how its turning out. One of my favorite rooms in the house! It's so happy! Seriously, how can you go in there and not be happy? :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Its Been 15 years!!!

Oh how time doth fly! Fifteen years it has been.... and yet.... it feels like not that long ago we were on our honeymoon...then living in that silly apartment... that was 15 years ago? Must've been since I now live in another state and have three sleeping babes in their beds. We have numerous jobs, vacations, homes, and cars on a list somewhere. There have been bumps for sure, but life is surprising isn't it? I remember 15 years of FUN GOOD memories. Fifteen years of memories that make me laugh and smile. A few not so fun times too, but every day, every moment has been spent together creating this beautiful life we share. To the next 15 years! I hope they are as blessed as the first 15 and just as full! I love you babe!

Jude is 9 months old!

Mr. Jude is 9 months old! I cannot say it enough, What a sweet baby he is! He has cut through his second tooth. His hair is coming back in. He is starting to be on the move, not just rolling anymore! Starting to pivot around using his arms and legs and getting up and rocking on his knees. He is getting better at eating solid foods and is exploring feeding himself. He uses his little pointer finger to touch things, or his favorite, put it in your mouth! He adores Owen and Emma and tries so hard to follow them. He still loves his Jumperoo! He loves bath time so much! Oh did I mention the slobber kisses? He is so much fun! Its funny how you had no idea you were incomplete until you are indeed complete. We love you Jude!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Owen's first day of Pre-school!

I made the decision this year to go ahead and put Owen in pre-school two days a week. I felt like he was ready to be engaged and to play with kids his age more regularly. He is always so eager to read with me or draw pictures. He loves to count and sing ABCs. So far he is LOVING it! They do all sorts of activities and everyday he tells me all about it. In just a few weeks we have seen how much he has learned and grown and I can't believe it! He has blossomed in such a short time. I can't wait to see what the next few months bring. My baby isn't a baby anymore! Sniff Sniff. And so...his first year ever of Back to School favorites. I love you Owen!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Emma's first day of school!

My big girl is in 3rd grade!  No fair!!!! (stomps feet, crosses arms, and wrinkles nose!) How can this be? We just started Kindergarten so how are we here, mid-elementary years? I of course did our annual back to school favorites. Emma loves the movie Frozen and loves the character Elsa. She loves to sing the songs, play with her Frozen dolls, and watch the movie. So of course her backpack this year is Frozen. She has been planning to be Elsa for Halloween since January! Emma loves school and when the alarm went off she sprang out of bed and got ready at the speed of light, and then bounced right out the door! If only we could keep up this enthusiasm through high school. Ha! Emma is social, bright, and imaginative. We love her so much! Can't believe how grown up you are Emma! I love you!