Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011- Our 1st with Owen!

Little man is getting so big! His 1st Turkey Day!

Emma stalking the food! She ate all the olives!

Me and Rachel!

Rachel and Mom!

Phil carving the turkey!!

This year was very low key. No big plans. Just nice and quiet. Rachel decided she was going to come up and have Thanksgiving with us since everyone else was busy, and to come and see where we live. She came in on Wednesday and flew out on Saturday. Emma enjoyed it so much! She missed Rachel. We made the traditional Thanksgiving meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, yams, cranberry sauce, rolls, salad, and an olive tray. Emma ate all the olives before anyone noticed! My mom and her husband Phil stopped by on their way to his daughters house. It was very nice. After our yummy meal we went and saw the movie Arthur Christmas. Pretty darn cute! On Friday we met up with my mom and we went dress shopping with Rachel. I googled for a store with modest dresses here in town so we could all go while she was here. Me and my mom felt we were missin out a little bit. It was super fun! The girl helping her was so nice and me and my mom got to pick stuff out for her to try. We spent almost 2 hours trying on dresses! In the end Rachel came away very happy and we got to be a part of it. That was really nice. We also got to try 2 new restaurants we had wanted to try. And they did not dissappoint! The first was called The Elk Public House. I had a BBQ chicken Quesadilla and it was all I could think about for 2 days! Phil had a French Dip and it was delicious! Then we tried this restaurant by us called Boston Pizza. Its like California Pizza kitchen but 1000 times better. We will for sure be eating there again! haha! Hey its 4 days of food. No one specified it had to be 4 days of turkey. lol. We enjoyed ourselves. Emma loved having Rachel here. And Owen had the best of it. More hands and arms to hold and play with him! He is such a good boy and he enjoyed himself as much as anyone! So grateful for our family! No words are big enough!

Halloween 2011

Emma was Christine from Phantom of the Opera this year.

Emma's loot!

Owen was our little Phantom for our Christine.

Our little Christine has a sweet voice!

The Phantom and Christine take to the stage and dance!

This year was Emma and Owen's first Halloween together. Owen was obviously too small to trick or treat but we had fun with him anyway! Emma originally wanted to be Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter, but I could not find a costume that was under $40! I refused to pay that for a one time deal. I looked in the thrift shops but nothing that I could work with. So I explained to Emma that I could not find Hermoine, but she could choose something else. If you recall last year she went on for 3 months about being Christine, but at the last minute chose Alice in Wonderland. So this year her immediate 2nd choice was Christine. I supplied many other ideas, but nope. Christine won. So, we used the dress-up we had that Nana gave her. Its perfect, pink, and fluffy. We bought sparkles for her hair and white gloves. I let her wear some pearls I had. I put make-up on and curled her hair and she was ready to go! We painted Owen's face and I made a white Onsie that said, The Phantom of the Opera. We got alot of compliments at our ward Trunk R treat! On Halloween I took Emma around the block. It was nice and dry, but it was freezing! The coldest year we have been out in yet. So after trick or treating, I made us all some Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate and then we watched Hocus Pocus. Perfect Halloween movie. And Owen? Fell asleep while Daddy handed out the candy. Its a busy job supervising Dad! It was a fun year and Emma is already planning for next year! EEK!!!

Playin in the leaves 2011

Fall in Spokane is beautiful! There are so many Maple trees and they turn this golden yellow! And there are these trees that turn orange, bright orange. Not sure what they are. There are Burning Bush that turn vibrant red, and these trees with smaller leaves that turn a purple color. And amidst all the colors, the Evergreens keep green. Such a pretty pallet of color. Total eye candy straight from nature. Its amazing. Our neighbor has a big Maple and as it turned and the leaves fell, Emma took delight in playing in their yard. So I grabbed my camera and put Owen down in the pile to see what he thought. He picked up the leaves, shook them, and then tried to eat them. Typical everything to the mouth. haha! I got a few fun shots, but as always Owen is camera shy. Unlike Emma who is a ham! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Owen 6 months!

Little man's 6 month photo! Isn't he handsome?

*see post below for his 6 month update. :)

Owen 6 months

Owen is 6 months old and growing strong! Sitting up now all by himself!

Owen LOVES Emma's Turtle. And Emma is not happy about it. haha!

Owen is a good sleeper for the most part. The months of teething haven't been kind on the schedule. lol!

Owen LOVES his sister! He watches her and laughs for her and thinks she is the neatest. :)

And Finally Owen is liking bath time! He hated it for so long and it was always a struggle. Now he splishes and splashes!

(This post is about a month late! I haven't been posting in order of events and I am a bit behind.)

Owen turned 6 months old in September and I cannot believe that a half a year has gone by! He has grown so much! He learned to sit on his own. He started eating more cereal and things like pears, carrots,green beans, etc. He does not like to be left by himself. He sqwuaks if he sees you leave. He loves to play in his activity center. He does not like to be in his car seat. Going farther than around the corner is a pain! He has learned to give kisses. So fun! Bring a towel though. haha! He has learned how to clap. Loves the Patty cake song. He is a bit of a dare devil. He will tip backwards or forwards to hang upside down if you are holding him. He loves the dogs and they better make a plan to get away because he is way more interested than Emma ever was. Those ears are going to take a pinching. He's gotten them already! He learned to get over his fear of the bath and is now enjoying them thank heavens! He LOVES and adores Emma. He is still a Momma's boy, but he thinks Daddy is the coolest.

We are so thankful for our little man! We have been so blessed and we enjoy every minute of him! We love you Owen!