Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Emma enjoying her Turkey!
 Daddy carving the turkey!
 Owen waiting patiently at the table. He's ready!
 Owen tasting an olive. Hilarious!
 Sitting around the table playing the Thankful game before we ate.
 Trying to get a pic of me and the kiddos. :) I was there too ya know. Ha!
How are weekend ended...a concussion.

Gobble Gobble!! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! Counting our many many blessings!

This year was so very low key. No traveling, no family visiting. Just us. The first time ever in 13 years! Phil played tag football in the morning with some guys in the ward and we had a traditional homemade feast in the afternoon. In the evening we went to the traditional holiday movie,The Life of Pi. Was pretty good! Owen sat thru the whole thing! Emma cried at the end, my sensitive girl. The rest of us talked about it for 2 days. :)

Friday we put up our tree and decorations. My mom(in town with Phil's kids) came over for a bit to help me with my sewing machine and with a sewing project. Yay! Thank you Mom! We continued to munch on left overs. We also watched Polar Express and had Polar Express Hot Chocolate. Thank you Pinterest! Was delicious! And it was pretty fun to have while we sat thru the Hot Chocolate song. :)

Sunday seemed to arrive earlier than expected, but that's always the case. We were having fun enjoying our extra time together! Our time of fun ended Sunday when Emma slammed her head into the wall that separates two rooms. Gave herself a concussion! Not sure how she managed that! Its was a nasty bruise and bump. Her biggest concern? She didn't want to go to school where the other kids would see her head! Only 6 and already self aware like that?  Wait til you're 15 missy! Ha!

We had a great 4 days together and I wish it could have been longer! We are so blessed to live where we live, to have Emma's school, our ward, and the friends we have! We are so blessed with our family, no matter how far apart! We are very lucky people! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and counted their many blessings!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick Or Treat 2012!

Happy Halloween 2012!

I LOVE Fall, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so its always my favorite time of year. I spent the month making spooky treats and meals, I put up our "creepy cute" decorations on the porch and a few around the house,  planned out the kids costumes, and of course carved us up some pumpkins. I have a lot of fun memories from when I was a kid and I hope to pass it on. Afterall, that's what its all about!

This year our costume inspiration came from one of our favorite movies, How To Train Your Dragon.  We were all vikings and Owen was our Dragon. Emma was specifically Astrid from the movie. I think I did a fairly good job hunting down pieces from thrift stores and what was already in our closets. Emma was as close as ever! I found a small satisfaction in the homemade costumes. Not a lot of money spent and it sure was fun to do!

This year was also a first, Owen's first year to Trick Or Treat. We had an absolute blast watching him figure it out.  We went to our ward Trunk Or Treat and had dinner and decorated our trunk. When it was time to trick or treat Owen suddenly became shy and wouldn't approach the person holding out the candy.  But about 5 cars into it they tossed a Dumb Dumb into his pumpkin and its a candy he recognized. At this point it clicked and he went right up with his bucket following Emma from car to car. I totally got a kick out of it! Emma ran around with a few friends and managed twice the amount of candy as Owen(She also had an entire day of Halloween with a big class/school party). When Trunk Or Treat was over, we headed back to our neighborhood with our friends the Normans and their kiddos. We did one lap around and the little ones were a hoot! Then we called it a night and let the kids dump out their stash to inspect their loot. Mom and Dad also inspected the rewards after hours. Wink Wink!

Hope everyone had a fun filled and safe Halloween!