Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! Emma had her 3rd birthday last week on the 19th and It was a Princess party! It was her very first birthday that we had a party with little friends instead of family. We invited little girls from school, church, and friends like Matt and Nicole's little girls. She had a blast! We had all the little girls dress up in princess costumes and they played and ran around. Then we had Emma open her gifts which of course she loved! She got some very cute stuff! Then we sang Happy Birthday and ate a Princess cake and ice cream. I took a ton of photos but haven't gotten them uploaded yet. I can't believe Emma is 3!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year! Here's to 2009! I'm glad 2008 is over! I have spent all day uploading and making slideshows for a months worth of activities and events. So below is our December in a nutshell. We got lots of snow. We went to temple square. We had Christmas with Laura, Dave, and Shae and we went to Seattle. I tried to compile our fun, but its so hard to squash it all together when there's so much to say and show. We had an awesome Christmas! Thank you Laura and Dave!

Our Trip to Seattle!


Santa came!!! He ate the cooikes and milk Emma left out for him. And when Santa left he left us a white Christmas. It snowed Christmas Eve and all Christmas Day. We got up, opened all our gifts, and then as Emma tried on every new dress-up, Laura made us an awesome Christmas breakfast of homemade breakfast burritos. They were so yummy! And then we oggled over our gifts again. Laura got me an awesome set of Marth Stewart pots and pans! They are incredible. She shouldn't have. I gave Laura a new set of dishes and glasses she wanted. Phil got Guitar Hero. Dave got Guitar hero. :) We all got cool gift certificates and other fun stuff. It was Shae's first Christmas and she had a ball eating the wrapping paper and banging on boxes. She is so cute. Below is a slideshow of our fun day.


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was full of cooking(Laura and I. Made a yummy salmon dip!) playing playstation(Phil and Dave duked it out in football and some car game) and decorating sugar cookies all in anticipation for Christmas to come while it snowed and snowed. It was a nice relaxing day after 18 hours in the car the day before! Before bed, Emma set out cookies and milk for Santa. Did he come to our house?

Christmas Eve

Temple Square

First December Snow

Tree Decorating

Dec 1st the tree went up! This year was alot of fun decorating the tree with Emma. She would gently take an ornament and place it on the tree. Of course they all went in the same area where she could reach so mommy had to move a few around, but we had a great time. If you notice in the background we watched Elf and ate cookies in the holiday spirit!