Monday, January 30, 2012

New Look!

Yes, my blog has been given a small makeover!  I spent some time trying to figure out how to make my blog look the way I wanted, not just a general format.  First off, you should know I am horrible at anything technological and html code drives me crazy!  I managed to google most of the help and tips. Its not that much different, but I wanted a single column and I wanted bigger photos. Simple as that. I think I accomplished it and I think I like the look...Because secondly, I am totally in LOVE with anything chevron patterned!  I currently have several swatches of fabric that I ordered for projects in my home.  I love its modern look!  Then add to that my favorite color scheme of grey, yellow, and white!  I love it! So this is my blogs new look.  Hopefully, I haven't made any errors in the code that prevents posts or comments or anything! Can you see this?  If so, I think it's working!  :) 

*See the two new posts below of Emma's birthday and rainbow party!

Emma's 6th Birthday Party!

Somewhere over the rainbow was a rainbow birthday party for Emma! As you can see we had a blast with the Rainbow theme.  It seemed  like the perfect idea for Emma because she is such a bright and happy little girl! I made the rainbow invites and sent them to school with her(yes I was brave and invited the entire class!). We put up balloons and streamers in all the colors and we put down a blue table cloth on the floor, which was the sky of course, and then made clouds from paper for each of them to sit on. It was lunch in the sky! And the rainbow? The food! We had rainbow drinks and rainbow fruit trays, and rainbow cupcakes, (along with Pizza for lunch), and all the kids wore their favorite color. We played Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow and made Rainbow art with fruit loops.  Then Emma opened her gifts and we sang Happy Birthday.  Everyone left with a small bag of "gold from the end of the rainbow" as a party favor.  But the best success was that the kids had so much fun and that Emma had a great celebration!  She LOVED it!  Some of the kids did not want to leave.  That was proof enough!  I wondered how I would top last years party.  Well,I did!  Now how do I top this next year!?! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emma is 6!

Emma is now 6 years old. Where does the time go!?! I have no idea where my tiny baby girl went. She is now a long string bean of a kindergartner!

Some tid bits I asked Emma at age 6:

Favorite color is Purple.

Favorite food is Tortellini soup.

Favorite movie is Phantom of the Opera.(of course)

Favorite book is "I love you this Much."

Favorite friend is Kendall Fry.

Favorite game is now Super Mario Kart on the Wii.

Favorite thing to do is to "go outside and play." Usually with the neighborhood kids. (They still do that nowadays. lol.)

Now some tid bits about Emma via Mom:

Emma is a smart cookie! She is picking up reading and writing and her numbers like a pro! Her teacher review in Novemeber was great! (except that she sometimes doesn't finish work in class on time because she is talking. Eek. That's all me! Sorry Emma!)

She is the BIGGEST sweetheart and cannot give us enough hugs and kisses. When we drop her off and pick her up from school its like a huge class hug. And who is in the middle? Emma!

As the big sister she is very involved with Owen whom she loves to love!...but she is starting to understand that he is competition for our attention. But with that in mind, she is still a very good girl. She is anxious for him to be a bit bigger so they can play. She DOES NOT like that he can get into her toys now that he is moving. Hmmm....who does that remind us of? (Phil! haha!)

Curious is a great description for her at this age. She asks 100 questions a day! Sometimes "I don't know" is not an answer she will accept. Makes me laugh, but its how I was. Maybe still am. :)

When I was her age the movie E.T. scared me! But not Emma. She is not afraid or timid or shy. She is eager, accepting, and so very social. She will talk your ear off, and thats anyone whose eye she catches, from the check out cashier at Walmart to the stranger in the cereal aisle. And I don't know what it is, but she attracts grandmas! They always come over to say how cute she is. Especially those freckles on her nose and cheeks!

Emma accepts things how they are and is just a real trooper. Especially with how much change she has had to deal with this last year. We have moved around and then a new baby in the house. She is a strong spirit!

Emma's innocence is just....perfect. I wish I could bottle her up and keep her like this! But I will have to suffice in enjoying every moment I get. Only a few more years and it begins to fade.

Our home is always full of giggles when Emma is here. We love her so much and are so blessed to have her as our daughter! Its is a privilage...that's not even a big enough word. another year. If I find the secret to slowing down time I will let you know. Until then, I am going to have to navigate the warp speed!

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Morning!

After the destruction!

Daddy finally got a Wii!

Owen inspecting a bow. Loved the paper and boxes!

One of the many gifts Emma had on her list! Look at that smile!

We had to wake Owen up if you can believe it. No smiles for us! haha!

One of Santa's gifts to Emma!

Before the destruction began!

We had a very nice Christmas this year! We got to sleep in a little bit(thank you children!) and we had a very nice haul I think! Phil got up when he thought he heard Emma moving around. He started turning on the heaters and caught her inspecting her gifts. haha! So then she came in to drag me out of bed. We even had to wake Owen up which was unusual. We sorted out the gifts and let the kids rip in! As before, Owen loved the paper and boxes. Once we took a few toys out of their packages, he did find them entertaining, but then went back to the paper and boxes. Emma got most of what was on her list. Each time she opened something she had wanted, she'd have this look of shock, and then make some sort of funny exclamation. She really enjoyed herself, and as always, its the most satisfying part of the morning. The lit up faces and enthusiasm of the kiddos.

We had a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. Then we headed off to church. Had a very nice Christmas program. Loved the music! Really set the mood for the rest of the afternoon. After lunch we headed to the middle of the state to have a classic Christmas dinner at my Mom's.

The next day we got to go to Leavensworth which was so fun! What a great place! Best bratwurst ever! Phil had to go back to work Tuesday so he drove back to Spokane Tuesday morning, and me and the kids stayed for a few more days. Overall, it was a very nice holiday this year. We really enjoyed it. It was a memorable Christmas for Owen's 1st!

(see post below for Christmas Eve)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Jammies are a Christmas Eve tradition!

Emma was so excited to open a gift early!

Owen loved the box and banged on it like a drum.


Owen enjoying himself on his 1st Christmas Eve!

This year Christmas Eve was nice and quiet. It lightly snowed and we decided to spend the day in our jammies while we watched football, played games, and made a few snow angels in the little snow we had. Several friends dropped by to wish us a Merry Christmas which was fun(both bringing treats!). I made Chili and cornbread for dinner and some Christmas cookies. And of course Nana and Popo sent Emma and Owen a set of Christmas jammies to open. It's tradition! Owen loved the paper and the boxes, but he wasn't really interested in what was inside. Emma, however, had a blast and was so excited to wear her new jammies. And of course she was willing to go to bed unusually early. Santa was on his way! We had fun and tracked him online this year. Emma left him cookies and milk and off to bed she went. Phil and I enjoyed an hour or so of peace and quiet before going to bed ourselves. We tried not to stay up late because we knew Emma would be up early in her excitement. To our suprise we all slept until almost 8! Wow! Merry Christmas to us, right? Haha. It was a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas Eve.!