Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Day together!

Today was my day off and Emma and I made a day of it! We had lunch and then went to the pool where Emma splashed and played Ariel (what girl doesn't?), we made cupcakes (Emma loved the icing) while we watched Harry Potter. Then we watched Nanny Mcphee and painted our nails. After such a fun afternoon, Emma took a nice nap on the couch while Mommy made dinner. We had a splendidly girly afternoon together!
So much fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Wow! Almost half the year has gone by! How time does fly! We have been fairly busy this year with traveling and working. Emma turned 2 in January and we had a small birthday get together. We went to Disneyland and the Beach (Emma's first time) in April for Amanda's 30th birthday (Yes, Lisa, I know you are out there laughing somewhere) and that was alot of fun. Emma loved Disneyland and she had a blast at the beach. Eventually I'll have some pics of that uploaded, but I'm not sure how much this page can hold. :) Amanda got to go and see her new niece Shaelynn in Washington and she is adorable. I will post a photo of her as soon as I can get one. And last but not least, we went back to Nebraska over the Memorial day weekend. We had a very good time seeing everyone. I love the Nebraksa scenery! We got to ride Sam and thinking about it, that was the first real horse Emma ever saw and she was very brave and rhode with Mommy. :) We saw cousins and Grandma Cram and we all got to be together which I love. I wish it was more often. Now can anyone tell me if this thing has spell check? :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our New Blog!

Thanks to the help of Danielle, Phil and Amanda now have a blog! THANK YOU Danielle!

Hopefully I can keep it updated with pics and happenings of our clan, but after everything Danielle showed me, I'm not sure what planet I'm on! j/k. Updated for the moment are a couple of pics of us from the last few weeks. Eventually I will figure out how to have a slideshow and that will be easier to keep pics updated over time. :) Again, thank you Danielle for your help!