Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautifull Fall!

This was the most gorgeous weekend ever! It was 7o degrees, sunny and perfect... so we headed to the park for one final day in the sun. Trees are such vibrant colors and leaves are falling everywhere. Pictures don't do it justice! Below is a slide show of our fun trip to the park and below that is a few video clips. (These aren't that great of quality, but you'll get the jist.)

Beautiful Fall!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to Sams Club

I am so excited! Over the weekend we went to Costco and Sam's Club to see which store we wanted a membership to. We ended up getting a Sam's club membership for $10! Whoo hoo! They had some really cool deals. They had 8G Ipods for $130 and Guitar Hero for under $100. Which of course both appealed to Phil! I think I will get him one or the other if I can for Christmas. I really want a Laptop and they had some good deals on those as well. They had the coolest playhouse which I would love to get for Emma! It was a wooden playhouse with furniture and all! Not the time of year for it right now, but it was so cute. I also found several items for other people for Christmas. I haven't shopped Sam's Club in forever and forgot what cool stuff they have! I know, I'm a dork...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It is almost Friday, thank heavens! I have now been sick with a nasty cold for about a week. Can't a girl catch a break? First Pink Eye and now this. I guess it comes with the territory of being a mom of a toddler. I just keep taking drugs (Tylenol Cold for those who are suspicious) and I feel like a zombie. Oh well, what can I do right? :)

It is really fall now. The breeze is chilly and there are fewer and fewer green trees. Very golden. Over the last weekend we had our first seasonal snow. It didn't last long but the weather was cold cold cold and for two days it snowed beautiful huge white flakes, but it didn't leave much on the ground. On Sunday morning it left a thin layer over everything. Very pretty, but I am a little worried we'll get more snow this year than the previous year we lived here. We got lucky that year and didn't have to shovel much. We'll see right?

Not much new or exciting. We are going to a Jazz game at the end of the month which should be fun. They are very popular here and if I'm lucky, the tickets I landed will either be a Lakers or Celtic game. Go Jazz! We are taking Emma to Disney on Ice at the beginning of Novemeber. I'm very excited about this. She knows alot of the disney characters and of course the princesses, but she has seen the advertise on TV and just goes crazy. Which leads me to something funny. The other day I was trying to put in Emma's eye drops for her pink-eye and she was crying and flopping around in protest. I told her to stop freaking out and that it doesn't hurt. So the next day she sees the advertise on TV gets all excited and starts running around and turns to me in mid-jump and says, "I'm freakin out!" She is just too much cute to handle sometimes. :) Oh how we love her!

This pretty much sums up our last couple of days. Hope all is well with everyone! Hope everyone is warm and safe! Until later...Caio!

Friday, October 10, 2008

CrAzI 8's

I saw this on my friend Gina's blog and I liked it. :) So here goes...

8 TV Shows I Love To Watch:

1) Lost
2) Dancing with the Stars
3) What Not to Wear
4) Ghost Hunters
5) CSI
6) Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals
7) Grey's Anatomy
8) Dragon Tales with emma

8 Places I love to Eat At:

1) In N Out
2) Claim Jumper
3) Olive Garden
4) Cafe Rio
5) Ice berg
6) Pei Wei
7) China a Go Go
8) Macayos

8 Things Things That Happened to Me Yesterday:

1) I woke up (that's a good start right?)
2) I woke up with Pink Eye (not so great)
3) Took Emma to Pre-school
4) Went to work
5) Came home from work
6) Gave my angel and husband kisses
7) Made dinner
8) Watched a movie (what an exciting life I lead)

8 Things I look Forward to:

1) Tomorrow (Its always a fresh start)
2) Halloween!
3) Thanksgiving!
4) Christmas! ( do we see a trend?)
5) My Ten year Wedding Anniversary next fall
6) Our trip to Italy for our anniversary
7) Eventually not working
8) I always look forward to getting off work! :)

8 Things I Love About Fall:

1) The change of weather
2) The beautiful scenery of green to gold
3) Halloween
4) Pumpkins
5) Cooking Chili, pot roast, and fall foods
6) Costumes and parties
7) the smell of real wood fireplaces
8) the smell of cinnamon candles

8 Things On My Wish List:

1) The orange Lambourgini from MI 3
2) $1 Billion Dollars
3) With my Billion Dollars I buy several Islands
4) I destroy these islands mysteriously with people on them I do not like :) Ya know...Democrats, ugly people, idiots, etc...You get the idea. :) jk if you're a democrat! :)
5) To learn to paint
6) To take up Piano again
7) To travel to Italy and up thru Brussels
8) To buy a whole new wardrobe!

8 People I Tag:

1) Austin and Danielle
2) Chelsea and Curtis
3) Wade and Brenda
4) Krishelle
5) Amy Matthewson
6) Nicole and Matt
7) Jessie
8) And Gina (again!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Greetings from Phil, Amanda, and Emma! Happy Fall! It has been a busy week for us. On Sunday we drove back to Utah, and we are now official. No more weekends back and forth for Phil! I started my job on Tuesday and Emma started preschool. My new branch is pretty much the same as before but there are new faces. So far so good. Emma was not so keen about Preschool on the first day, but the second day she went right to the teacher. She is doing so good. She has her first official artwork posted on the fridge! She also has a new item in which she must have with her at all times. I'm sure you remember the spoons last year, well now its this little keychain of mine with a green-clear plastic pig from Wamu. She takes it everywhere and calls it "my keys." Heaven forbid this gets lost! She is also turning into a little mimicking mime! Anything we do, she does or wants to try. I have a pic which I will eventually post of her working out with Phil. They both have those resistance bands and Emma is doing exactly what Phil is. So funny! We are very much enjoying being back all together and are excited for the change of seasons. It is stormy here this weekend and the leaves are turning and pumpkins and Halloween are everywhere. Emma is going to be Cinderella this year. Nana and Popo got her a Cinderella dress-up last Christmas and it is just fitting perfect now. I'm going to get her those silver glitter shoes from Target and there is a set of gloves at Walmart. We already have the crown and jewelry. She has a princess trick or treat bucket we bought her and she loves it. She gets it out to look at and says Trick or Treat! She is at a very fun age! We are having a blast with her. Well, I took some pictures of the house (only presentable rooms) and they are in a little slideshow below. Its not much but you can see the basic idea. :) Hope everyone is well and we plan to be back to Vegas at Thanksgiving! Caio!

Our Home in Utah!