Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter is one of my favorite times of year. The feeling of new beginning while spring is blooming is like waking up from a long sleep. As a kid, I never really got it. I mean, I understood, but I didn't understand the true beauty of the atonement. Its amazing grace in every sense of those very words.

Now I spend Easter looking at the happy faces of my children hunting eggs and opening chocolate bunnies, and while that's not the point, I relish the giggles and laughter. It is my forever I am watching. My family.

This year we tried to escape the dreary weather and traveled 2 hours west to Grandma's house. It was about 10 to 15 degrees warmer and the kids spent Saturday playing their hearts out in the sun. I did a little Easter egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with candy and we did a bonfire and roasted hot dogs. Laura made some delicious desserts and we all went to bed stuffed! We colored 3 dozen eggs and when the kids were asleep the Easter Bunny hid them outside in the cold wind. The Easter Bunny wasn't happy about it. Hehe.

Sunday morning the kids raced to their baskets and hunted the eggs. We went to church and enjoyed its true message. We came back to Grandma's and enjoyed the afternoon all together and had a traditional Easter dinner of ham and green beans with rolls and salad. And more of Laura's dessert!

Then we headed back home. Was a short but lovely weekend. It means so much to spend such precious time as a family. If not for Easter and the atonement, it would all be pointless. Such a wonderful wonderful day! Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jude 4 months old!

What can I say about this darling baby? He is bright eyed, content, and our little mellow fellow! He LOVES his mommy and to be held and snuggled. Sometimes he won't fall asleep unless I hold him and rock. He had his 4 month check up and weighed 15 pounds 12 oz and was 27 inches long! He is now reaching and grabbing things and plays under his play mat. He is rolling over and tummy time is more tolerable. He loves to try to stand so we bought a jumper and he loves it! He watches Emma and Owen with such curiosity and amazement. He giggles and talks and does this little screech when he gets excited. He wears size 6 to 9 month clothing but still has long little baby feet. His cheeks must be the most kissable in all the world! I just can't get enough. His eyes are still true blue and his hair is still falling out and coming back in. No teeth yet, but drool and chewing are very noticeable. Lots of smiles for Daddy almost at any time. He is sweet as sweet can be. Such a happy guy! He really does complete our family. Such a blessing! Love you Jude!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014!

Vacation? What is that? It has been several years since we have gone on a real trip. Either I was pregnant, or like our San Diego trip that got canceled(don't get me started on Allegiant airlines!), we just haven't gone anywhere outside of visiting family. So this year we made an effort to get out of town and actually find some sunshine! California here we come!

Phil had the same week off as Emma this year for Spring Break so we planned a Disney vacation. We invited my sister Rachel and her husband Jared and my Mom if they could go. We also decided to do the very long tedious drive. So we headed down doing most of the drive at night so the kids would be asleep. They did so good the whole way! No crying or complaining and Jude didn't even fuss. It was a miracle! (Even with the slight detour for gas at 2pm in Portland where all the gas stations were closed!) We got there on Tuesday evening and kicked our feet up for the night.

We spent all Wednesday with Phil's sister Chelsea and her family. We went to the pool and the kids swam and played. Then we went back to their house and they made us a delicious dinner! It was SO nice to visit and catch up. We hadn't seen them in a few years. The kids had a great time playing!

Thursday we spent at the beach. It was supposed to be sunny and golden but instead was gray and misty. We chose to go anyway and went to Corona Del Mar(thanks for the suggestion Chelsea and Curtis!). We really liked it. Emma and Owen caught hermit crabs and me and my mom saw a sea lion! We wrote in the sand and splashed with our feet. Owen at one point fell into the water as it pulled away and got a bit scared. That was it for him. Emma of course loved the splashing and crabs and family. Jude rested in his car seat and slept most the time. In the evening everyone went to the traditional bonfire on the beach with Gaye and Russ. They had a blast! Sandwiches, pop, and smore's! I stayed behind with Jude for a bit of quiet and recuperation. For some reason allergies hit me hard and I felt awful. But I was determined!

Friday was the big day. The day the kids were waiting for. Well Emma anyway. It was my birthday and so we saved Disneyland for my big day as is tradition from previous years. Ha! We got up early and got into the park at about 10. We headed straight for the new Cars ride so we could get our fast passes. We had to wait the entire day to ride it, but it was fun. Owen thought it was fantastic that he got to see Mater and McQueen. BUT he hated the end of the ride where it turns into a race. Cars land was very cute. It was a hoot seeing him recognize stuff. His favorite ride there was the Mater ride. He also got to see Woody from Toy story and that didn't go over too well either. He just wasn't sure about the characters. Emma on the other hand danced with the Phineas and Ferb parade, rode rides she's never have done before, and met princesses of course! She had the best time! Jude happily slept, ate, and was held at his leisure. He enjoyed himself as much as everyone else if you ask me. Phil and I enjoyed the trip as usual. Nothing quite like seeing your kids really having fun and lighting up. Makes it all worth it. We ate Mickey ice creams, churros, lemonades, turkey legs, and roasted corn on the cob. We went on as many rides as we could manage and per Phil's phone, walked 14 miles! We had an awesome time and though it will be a while before we do it again, we look forward!

We stopped in Vegas on our way home and saw some more family very briefly, but it was worth it! We saw Danielle and her kids(Ashlynn, Aiden, Lydia, and Kieron), Grandpa Tribett and Uncle Steven. Uncle Austin was working and we just missed him. Maybe over the summer we'll see them again! We then traveled to the half way mark to Salt Lake and stayed the night with Matt and Nicole MacPherson. It was so nice to see them except that we missed Matt because a huge detour on the way delayed us and we didn't get there in time. Boo! But still so nice to hug and chat with my friend Nicole. Miss her!

We finished the drive Sunday and made it home in time for bed.  And so ended our week vacation. It was a memorable trip and the kids had such a great time! Until next time!