Friday, May 30, 2014

Jude is 5 months old!

Each month seems to just breeze right on by no matter what is going on. I tried really hard to hold onto the four month old Jude, but he quickly turned into 5 month old Jude. (Sigh...)With this small change of 4 weeks, Jude has changed in so many ways. He is now rolling all over the living room, trying so hard to play with Owen and Emma, has mastered grabbing things, found his feet, and has learned the joy of the jumperoo. He is still not eating solids although his interest in what we put in our mouths has peaked. He laughs and giggles and has this squeak when he gets excited. He wants Mommy to hold him all the time, but has learned that tummy time and rolling everywhere can suffice when Mom is busy. He is thinning out and the rolls are leaving and he is looking very long. Must have had a growth spurt! Although he is getting longer he is still getting heavier and Mom has found it easier now to take him out of the carseat when going into stores and just placing him in the cart with the lap belt. He then looks so big! He is still mellow and happy and the best baby ever!  I'm working really hard to stay in month 5! hehe.

5 months old!

Play time!

Playing in the jumperoo!

He didn't start over there....   :)

Loves to fall asleep on Mommy's lap.

First time in the cart like a big boy!

He is changing so fast! By next month he will be sitting up all by himself and then I'll really feel how much time has passed! Se La Vi! Love you Jude!