Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Our Thanksgiving was nice and quiet for the most part. We flew up to Quincy, WA to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom's new husband and family. We flew out on Wednesday afternoon and knew it would be crazy at the airport, but it wasnt too bad. That was until our flight was delayed by an hour and a half. And then to top it off, when we went to land in Pasco, we almost touched down and then immediatly were going back up into the air again. The entire plane was like, "What just happened?" The pilot got on and said there was too much ice to land. We were going to circle around one more time, but if we couldn't land we would be redirected to Redmond, OR. So of course quess what happened....we ended up in Redmond. It gets better...this airport was closed. The only person there was the guy in the tower. They had to call people in to fuel the plane and get the gate open. We ended up sitting in the airplane on the tarmack for about 2 hours and were then told they cleared the airstrip in Pasco and we could go back. So we headed back to Pasco and finally landed about 5 hours later than scheduled. They didnt feed us or anything. We couldnt get off the plane. We were all pretty mad about the whole thing. My poor mom was sitting in Pasco just waiting to see what would happen. When we finally got there we headed straight for whatever food place was open and then drove to Quincy(2hr drive). We didnt get there until about 1am, 7 hours later than we should have. What a fiasco! But the rest of the weekend was very nice. We woke up the next morning to the smell of food and the kitchen in a bustle. We ate a yummy traditional meal, played the Wii, watched movies, and just vegged out and visited with everyone. On Friday we got to go out and see the little town of Quincy and we drove 30 minutes to the closest town to go to a Walmart and to see a family movie. We saw Tangled. Very cute, but the theater was just hysterical. It could only hold 4 movies and doubled as a conference center so there were stages in front of the screens. So funny. And the theater could hold maybe 40 people at once. After the movie we went to this little restaurant and had buffalo burgers. It was yummy, but truthfully tasted very much like a normal hamburger. :) We got a little snow while we were there. Very pretty. We tried to go outside and take pictures but Emma just cried that it was too cold and at one point the horses decided they wanted in the pictures too. Just didn't quite go as planned, but it was so nice and relaxing. We've had a tough month and it was nice to not think about anything and to veg out, relax, and enjoy ourselves. Lots of food too! haha! Prego lady didnt complain about that! I was stuffed the entire time! Laura made all sorts of dips, and cheese balls, and there were tons of leftovers and Laura had brought her homemade chilli which was by far the best chill ever! She's great in the kitchen. Overall, we had a great time. The flight home was totally uneventful. What fiasco could happen at Macarran? lol. And back to work by Monday. So tough after 5 days off. :) We hope everyone enjoyed there holiday with family and friends and that everyone was safe. And we are now on to Christmas. :) Happy Holidays! (sorry for the book. lol) Below is a small slideshow of our weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Its a boy!

Little profile. Looks just like Emma's did.

Peek a boo! I'm a boy!

Little Foot. :)
On Wednesday we found out that we are having a baby boy! We are excited! Now we will have one of each. We can now move forward and start thinking about names and baby bedding. :) We have 4 months or so to decide but it will be here before ya know it! We are now getting ready to welcome our baby boy! Woot!