Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Emma's Baptism and Jude's Blessing

Boy, was that a busy weekend, but it was the best kind!!!  Family from all over came to see Emma be baptized and Jude blessed. Everyone basically showed up on Friday and left Monday. Our house was loud, chaotic, and crowded, but we enjoyed every minute!

Emma felt so special that people drove up from Las Vegas and over from North Dakota just for her. We are so proud of her! She was SO nervous about the baptism because people would be watching and she was afraid the water would be too cold...too deep...water would go up her nose...Daddy would hold her down...she would slip...    None of those things happened of course, but she did have to be dunked twice. The first time her hands didn't go all the way under! When she realized they had to do it again, she said."Awwww!" and everyone chuckled. The second time everything went perfectly. She wore her pretty white dress(doing a fun set of photos at the temple soon!) and was happy and relieved. We all went to dinner at Emma's choice, Timbercreek Grill and Buffet. She ate 2 plates of dinner and like 4 helpings of dessert that included cotton candy, the chocolate fountain, brownies, and ice cream. :) She had a permanent smile on her face all evening! So happy for her! So glad she felt the spirit and felt special! She is such a sweet girl.

Sunday we blessed Jude. He wore the same white outfit Owen did, but of course it actually fit him. Owen swam in it! Phil did a great job this weekend and Jude's blessing was sweet. Everyone who could be there to participate was there and that meant a lot to us.

After the blessing, its generally a tradition to do a lunch. This particular Sunday just happened to be the Superbowl. Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos! Go Hawks! :) We had pizza, salads, spinach and Macayo dips, churro bites, smore's bars, and soda. We visited, munched, watched the game, and passed the baby around. Just wish the game had been more interesting, but glad the Seahawks won! Everyone continued to visit together after the game. Emma sat in laps and got loves. Owen ate, played, and soaked up the attention. Jude snuggled.

It was a fun weekend seeing everyone and visiting. Everyone lives so far away that when we all get together like that, it feels like we have never been apart. I enjoyed seeing everyone as much as the kids did. Hope to see everyone again soon! We had a blast!

Daddy and Emma!

Emma in her special white dress!

 All the family together!

Jude all ready for his blessing!

Nana and Popo

Grandpa Tribett

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson

Emma and Jude all in white!

Everyone at the blessing!

 Our family!

 Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jared

Uncle Steven

Emma so happy!

Aunt Rachel

Uncle Steven and Jude

Uncle Steven and Emma

Emma at her special dinner. Note Jared and the cotton candy!

A few of the family nuts! :)

Our Superbowl spread! Laura made some yummy stuff!

Enjoying company and watching the game!

Emma enjoying her food and sporting her Seahawks shirt!

Showing our Seahawks pride!

Parting is such sweet sorrow! We loved seeing everyone and were sad it went by so fast! Until we meet again! Love you all!

Emma's 8th birthday party!

This year for Emma's birthday I threw a cupcake decorating party. She has really been into baking cupcakes and cookies lately so it seemed fitting! We sent out the invites and they ALL showed up. They did such a great job and they were so careful decorating each cupcake with their own design. We played "Pin the candle on the Cupcake" and "Balloon Pop." The kids LOVED popping the balloons and scooping up the candy and money. Then we opened gifts, sang happy birthday, and ate those delicious, adorable cupcakes! Emma had such a good time with all her little friends. She felt special and that was enough for me! :)  Happy Birthday Emma!

All around the table!


A sample.

 Pin the candle on the cupcake!

 Our cupcake tower!

 Check out the one with all the eyeballs!

Balloon Pop!

 They had a blast!

Opening gifts.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Emma turns 8!

How is it 2014?! How is my baby already 8?! Look at her! So long and tall. Her smile is no longer toothless, but she is still sporting those adorable freckles. She loves the color purple, riding her bike, and to sneak treats when no one is looking. Emma has an active imagination that I'd love to keep pure and an innocence that I'd love to bottle up! Oh Emma, how these years have just blown by! In another 8 years you will be asking for the keys to the car and to go on dates. Maybe even have a job. Breaking my heart! These years have been so sweet and precious. I will remember them always and hold them tight. I love you Emma!

The birthday girl!

Look at those candles glow!

Opening her special present...her baptism dress!