Monday, March 28, 2011

Owen has arrived!

Our baby has arrived...a month early! Owen Scott was born 3/15 at 4:27pm. He weighed 6.4lbs and was 18 in long. He was such an easy delivery compared to Emma. And half the time! When they say it gets easier they aren't kidding. Owen was only 1 oz bigger than Emma. He would have been closer to 7 and half pounds had he stayed in there. :) I forgot what tiny really was until they placed him in my arms. So so tiny, but he had lungs! Not happy to be washed down and he let us know it. Phil cut the cord, was snapping pictures, and trying to tell people the baby was here. The first person to see the baby other than us was Emma of course. She was sooooo excited and wanted her turn to hold the baby. Then she became very concerned for mommy since it was a hospital setting and kept asking if I was ok. She was upset to leave me there, but Rachel managed to keep her busy and distracted for the night away. We only spent a day in the hospital and were released to go home. Thank goodness! I couldnt take the 24/7 interuptions from the nurses. Rest? In a hospital? I say impossible! I got more sleep the first 12 hours home than the 24 in the hospital! lol. It has now been 2 weeks and all is well. Owen is growing before our eyes! We are so glad that he was/is healthy and are so exstatic that he is here. We love you little Owen! (and a small apology to both our jobs. lol. Couldnt really be helped. lol)!! Oh and to Brian who placed the bet I wouldnt go another 17 days, you win. And should I thank you? Haha!