Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Here!

It is here! We had 4 inches of snow on Saturday and this is just the beginning! It is currently 22 degrees and snowing as I type. It is projected that we will get about another 5 or 6 inches by tomorrow night. Ugh!!! It is frigid and icy and I long for desert warmth! This is the first of 5 storms that will hit before Christmas. Help? :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, I thought we might get off with a light year for snow. We'd only had one storm in October and It was sunny and beautiful over the weekend. It was like 60 and so we took Emma to the park. BUT... on Monday we woke up to a snowy white morning. And it snowed and snowed all day. It was my day off and I took emma out all bundles up to see the snow. We made a small pathetic snowman and then when Emma got cold, we went inside for lunch. We never returned outdoors! Brrrrr! Emma was happy to watch out the window. Once the clouds rolled away it was even colder and the melted snow turned to ice. Yuck! Now the forecast for the weekend is 4 days of snow snow snow. 6 to 8 inches headed our way! Wade and Brenda...if its not too late, a snow blower for Christmas? Lol.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ready for Christmas!

It was very nice to see everyone on Thanksgiving. We had a very nice time. Thank you Brenda and Wade for having us!

We are ready for Christmas! On Monday I had the day off so we ran around putting up Christmas decorations. Phil put the lights up on the house and after dinner we put up the tree and decorations. Emma was so funny! She would get out one ornament at a time and look it over gently and then put it on the tree. Of course I had to go back and rearrange a little. She put them all in the same place. :) Then last night while we watched Polar Express, I wrapped gifts and started placing them under the tree. Emma kept inspecting them and would get excited every now and then as the pile grew. None are for her yet. I can't wrap them in front of her or she'll want them right then. :) We are very excited to watch her thru the holiday season. She loves Christmas lights and remembers a little of those from last year. We take her around the neighborhoods and see what good displays we can find. No snow yet. Had a little dusting last night, but no major storms in the next week. Hopefully some to soon for the season. :) We are as ready as we can be. Happy Holidays and hope everyone is safe and healthy for Christmas and the New Year!

P.S. Does anyone know if a certain kind of flour can make baking cookies turn out crappy? I have tried two differnt recipes for two different kinds of cookies, and both turned out funny. I've made these before and never had a problem. Help?