Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Owen is walking!

Its so hard to catch some things on video when they happen spontaneously, but I think we caught a pretty good clip of him walking.  These are some of his first steps. Just before his birthday he started going from one couch to the other with a few steps.  Then he realized he could go further.  In just a few days, crawling became a thing of the past. (sniff sniff) And I apologize that its kinda dark.  We only have a camera phone.  :)  But you get the jist.  And all the cheering at the end?  Supportive sister Emma excited for him.  :)

Party Rock Owen style!

This is a clip of Owen dancing to his favorite song.  We don't know why, but he LOVES the creepy Kia hampster commercial!  Anytime it comes on, he stops whatever he is doing to watch.  It cracks us up! This was filmed on his birthday as well.  At the end you see him walk to me a few steps.  Our little guy is getting so big! And I apologize, but the sound isn't great.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Owen is One!

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!

On March 15th, 2011 at 4:27pm, Owen Scott surprised us and arrived over 4 weeks early!  He was 6 pounds 4 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.  He wasn't due until April 11th and he was expected to be a bouncing 7 to 8 pounds.  But the little guy just couldn't wait any longer! (That's a whole other story!)

And today, much like a year ago, it was gray, drizzly and chilly. If we were still in Vegas we would have done a picnic and bbq!  I heard it was 77 and sunny.  haha. So for Owen's 1st birthday we were pretty low key.  He slept in today which was a great present for all!  And we lazily got ready for the day.  Owen opened one gift this morning and it was a "Birthday Boy" onsie to wear.  We got dressed, had lunch, and then tried to take pictures. At about this point, it went down hill fast.  He just didn't feel good.  So he spent alot of time napping and sitting in Mom's lap.  Poor guy!  Not the way to spend your very first birthday!  When Daddy got home from work Owen had perked up after a nap and we went to Boston's for his birthday dinner.  He ate fries and bread and pasta.  He danced to the music and jabbered away.  We even got a free molten lava brownie because he was the birthday boy! We came home and opened a few more gifts and let him smash his cake! He had a great time with that!  haha.  Then he had a nice bath to clean off and went to bed a happy boy(or so we thought).  Then he woke up at midnight with a 101 temp.  Arg! And that was Owen's first birthday in a nutshell.

Owen is just a hoot! He has all sorts of quirks we just adore! A few facts about Owen at 1 year old:

He weighed in at 22.5 pounds!  I don't know his length since he would not sit still.  Its a two man job! We will get his length sometime soon, but of course he has grown and grown!

Still no teeth!

Nicknames:  Little Man and Baby Bear

Owen loves his tongue!  It is always out like a lizard. He rolls it, sticks it out, wags it. That tongue is now a huge part of this kids identity at the age of one. Its something I do not want to forget.  Its just too funny.  Like Emma was with her spoons....

He has a full lower lip and uses it to his advantage! Its my grandpa's lip. And its always poking out even when he isn't sad.  Its like a little shelf for his tongue.  Haha!

Owen has always loved to stand. And now on his very first birthday he is walking! No surprise there. He got mobile at 9 months and has just kept going.

Up to about 6 or 7 months old, Owen absolutely hated bathtime!  He couldn't be done fast enough, and cried the entire time.  But now, he will crawl in there and sometimes even lead you into the bathroom to let you know he'd like to get in.  And then its all splashes and giggles!  Thank heavens!

He is getting more and more hair.  The sides are trying to catch up to the top and it has turned more the wheat color of Emma's but is still a tad darker. And it is still so so soft! Like silk threads.  I love it!

Can we say appetite? He is still a great eater.  He went thru a small picky stage as we started new textures, but has gotten well past it!  He loves to feed himself and we are happy to get rid of formula! Yay!

"Muh!" He ADORES Emma.  Wants to be where she is and follows her around.  He gives her all his smiles and giggles. He also loves her toys, which she is not too keen on quite yet.  haha.  But she is always a big helper and loves her baby brother!

For some reason he thinks he loves Pepsi! Now don't go gettin' any ideas!  Of course Phil and I love our Pepsi and he is always hoping for a sip.  Of course not, but we let him play with the empty bottle. We get a kick out of it. Its just too funny!

Owen is trying to talk.  He jibbers and jabbers and makes all sorts of sounds and tries to mimick us. He can say  "momma" and "dadda" and Emma comes out kinda like "muh."  But mostly we would define his language as caveman. Its all grunts and uhs!  And he is LOUD.  I saw this saying ," Boy: n. Noise with dirt on it."  I would agree!

I swear if it isn't food or slobber its something.  He is always covered in dirty. He has 2 baths a day sometimes!

He is a momma's boy.  Always follows me where I go like a little shadow.  Loves to snuggle and get loves.  Of course I eat it up!

His favorite thing to do right now is stand at the back of the couch by the window and look out.  He just loves it!  And its even better if Emma is out playing.  :)

I cannot believe a year has passed! Owen has grown so much and is an absolute hoot!  He is a happy and healthy bouncing baby boy!  We are so so so grateful for him and enjoy every moment of everyday with him in it! He is a character and a joy.  We love you birthday boy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wordless Week: Days 6 & 7

Sorry, I ran out of gumption!  I did not do a day 6 or 7.  I kinda started a day behind, and when the weekend arrived I just lost momentum.  I really did have the best of intentions! And I really did have fun!  I loved to see everyone elses photos and to see their different focal points.  I am currently shopping for a new camera and next time I think I will give myself a bit more of a challenge.  :)  Hope everyone who participated had fun!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Worldless Week: Day 5
(Have to say a word...this consumed our day!  Buying a new car! And then we did nothing but veg after the ordeal of haggling and paperwork.  lol.  Hopefully a more eventful tomorrow!)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wordless Week:  Day 4

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Wordless Week: Day 2

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wordless Week:  Day 1
(A quick few words first!  haha. I have no camera for this fun project and so these are taken via my phone(sorry!), but I liked the idea my friend Emily had started. You can visit my friend Emily's blog here and adore her fab photos and links to the others in on this fun project! And now for silencio!)