Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phil's Birthday!

Tuesday was Phil's 31st Birthday and we hope he had a great day! Last year we were moving and didn't get to do anything for his 30th which was kinda crappy, so this year I decided to make it a bit more entertaining. Emma and I decided it would be fun to take a birthday cake to Daddy at work and suprise him. Yes he was suprised! That was fun. Then when he came home from work we suprised him again by taking him out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory(one of his favs). Afterward we went back home to have cake, sing Happy Birthday, and give him our presents. I KNOW he liked his gifts. Rachel and Jared bought Phil new white Sambas(shoes) that he has been pining away for. I bought him a pair of jeans he really needed and two new shirts. We also got him Iron Man 2. Jared got Phil a PS2 game and Phil's boss gave him a card and $50. I think Phil made off like a bandit this year! We tried to make his day special and spoil him on his day in the spotlight. Hope you had a great day Phil! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last trip for a while...

For our 11 year anniversary we decided we wanted to take Emma to Disneyland and to the beach. It was our last chance since I am pregnant and due in the spring when we would normally go. We had four days in the beautiful sun. The weather was soooo nice! We went to Disneyland with my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Jared. It was a Friday and wasn't busy at all. We walked on almost every ride. I think our longest wait was 30 minutes. Emma got to see Ariel, Princess Tiana, Mickey mouse, Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of hearts, Peter pan and Wendy, and Goofy. We went on every ride she was able to go on. We went on Pirates twice! :) She even rode Thunder Mountain. The only thing we missed out on was The Haunted Mansion since they were getting ready for the Haunted Halloween Disney throws. We ate Churros, and pretzels, and of course had a huge turkey leg before the firework show. Yumo! We all had a great time and Emma was asleep in the car before we were out of the parking lot. The next day we relaxed, went to the beach, ate very yummy grilled cheese and tomato sandwhiches made by Uncle Russ. We watched Nascar and soccer, and Emma played and played and played! Sunday we slept in, ate lunch at Ruby's Diner on the pier and headed home leisurely. We had a really good time and enjoyed our little family. It will be a while before we get to do another fun getaway and we ate the time up! Below are two little slideshows of our trip.