Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our funny girl Emma!

Emma lost her 7th tooth, and per the usual, placed the tooth in the special tooth pillow for the Tooth Fairy. This is what the Tooth Fairy found....

Nice try! Emma got $1.50 instead of a dollar. Hope that satisfied her. She's too funny!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Owen learns to ride his bike!

Santa brought Owen a bike for Christmas and for several months he didn't quite get how to pedal. He would end up just pushing it around after the other kids. One day, I watched him and helped him a bit. After a day or so, he figured it out and was SO proud of himself. He threw his hands in the air and declared,"I did it!" Of course I did not have my camera on the first try so I hurried and managed to catch his second go. You still get the spirit of his accomplishment! Good job Owen!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jude is 8 months Old!

Jude is 8 months old! This happy happy boy is such a blessing in our lives! He brings so much happiness to us all. Owen and Jude are such little buddies! Such a special bond and it melts your heart to watch them play. Emma loves to dote on Jude and to hold him and sing to him. Jude adores her! Jude is still a mamma's boy and tries rolling after her if she leaves the room. He's gettin fast and agile around corners! He loves to sit on Mommy's lap and to play Pat a Cake. He can clap his hands on his own with the song and it is the cutest thing! Daddy is the fun guy who plays and makes him laugh like no one else can. Jude is eating more and more foods, but he still has issues with textures. He has 1 tooth on the bottom left. The other is not far behind. He still loves his jumper and now lets us know when he'd rather be on the floor rollin around. Jude is a sweet and affectionate little man. Our little Mellow Fellow. We can't remember what life was like with out him. We love you so much Jude!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Owen and Jude's new room!

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to the boys new Pirate themed room. I had fun over the spring redecorating the the boy's room and upgrading Owen from his toddler bed into his big boy bed. I searched and found a head board on a buy/sell site and painted it, and then I found fun nautical bedding and a pirate octopus pillow at Target. I made a kind of drape sail and some rope for the window, and I made some wall art to match and voila! A new room for the boys. Owen now calls his bed his, "Pirate boat bed." Owen and Jude are sharing a room and so far so good. They are such little buddies and that's all I can ask for!