Sunday, June 26, 2011

Emma is our funny girl!

Emma is our funny girl! I sent her to her room to clean up. It was a mess! Toys and clothes everywhere! We have a one at a time rule and while I wasn't looking this happened. haha. I told her to fold her laundy, and put her toys away. I was doing the dishes and after a few minutes went to check on her. This is how I found her....

Passed out face down in the mess! :) If you look closely you can see she folded her laundry. lol. Cleaning takes its toll I guess. haha!

This is Emma reading a book. She is very good at her letters and she loves to try to read. She practices her sounds and tries to sound out words. She is soooo ready for kindergarten. I just can't believe it!

This last photo just cracks me up. Emma has a huge love of animals and a certain fascination with them that borders on the unhealthy side (for the animal!). haha. Here Thomas, my sisters cat, climbed up on Emma while she was sleeping. He LOVES company to cuddle with. Usually he stays by your feet or sits next to you with an arm outstretched to touch you, but we feel he was just getting back at all the tail pulling etc. :) He was litterally on her side. lol!

We love you miss Emma! Such a sweet and loving girl you are!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Owen is 3 months old!!

Oh Owen! What can I say??? You are so much fun, and so adorable, and so full of personality for someone so small! I cannot believe how much he has changed. He is no longer a little sleeping bundle. No no. He is so active and aware of everything around him. And his most favorite thing to do? EAT!!! and don't even think about interupting him or you will get an earfull. :) Its why he is growing so fast and changing so much that I feel I cannot keep up with pictures and blogging. :)

Owen LOVES LOVES LOVES the mobile above his crib. He kicks and coos and reaches with his arms. Its quite entertaining to watch. Fussy? Put him under the mobile! He is just mesmorized by it and I think its great! I can put him down for 20 minutes and put in a load of laundry and he will be in there totally entertained. :)

Owen has figured out how to stand supported and he LOVES it! I am afraid this love of being upright is a prelude to walking early. :) He makes this funny little face, and I imagine him thinking, " Look at me! I am doing it! I am so good at this!" Its pretty funny. Along with the smiles. Too darn cute.

Our life saver is the swing. He is not a fussy baby really, but more so than Emma was. He's generally a happy boy, but he gets to the point sometimes that he is tired and needs to sleep, but just refuses to. His eyes are glued open and he thinks he will miss something. The swing takes care of it 99% of the time. Out like a light. :) This is great at 3am when he decides hey, maybe I should stay awake? lol. Mom says, No please. :)

Owen does NOT like tummy time. Emma hated it too. As soon as you put him down he is fighting it. But I still put him on his tummy several times a day for just a few minutes. Helps build character (oh and those muscles too. lol).

At Owen's last checkup he weighed 11 pounds and 13 ounces. Just shy of the 12 pound mark, but by now he is at least 12. Its been a few weeks since then. He is not a huge baby, but he is catching up. A few other things...He loves to be played with, especially holding his hands or feet. He is starting to realize Emma is someone to pay attention to. He watches her when she is in sight. He wants Mommy to hold him and cuddle pretty much 100% of his waking time (thank heavens for the mobile and swing!). His favorite time to give smiles is 6am(not my favorite time. hahaha). He does not like bath time for some reason. Emma always loved it, but he cries as soon as his feet hit the water. He eventually calms down and will tolerate it for a bit. Then he is done and cries again. He is no longer sleeping in the bassinet in my room. He has graduated to his own crib. Yay! He is just growing and learning so much! Its amazing how much difference a few months makes. Can someone invent a way to slow down time? I wan to hang on a little longer please. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Emma and Owen looked so much alike the day they were born. When they handed me Owen, one of my first thoughts was how much he looked like Emma when she was so new. Not only that, but once they weighed and measured, Owen was only an ounce more in weight and the same length. So very similar. (Labor was 100% different for each though. lol.) And as I look through pictures I can see how much they really do look alike. Especially at the similar stages in age. BUT as he grows I see how very individual they are. Owen is a handsome boy and Emma a dainty girl. No one has ever confused their genders. There is so much that I can see that is their very own. The above photos are of Emma at 1 month and Owen the day he was born. ( I tried looking for earlier pics of Emma, but I only have them in print, not on my computer. ) Emma is very feminine even now and my boy is all boy! Emma, until she was 3yrs old, always measured around the 10th percentile on the growth chart. Just dainty and girly. But Owen loves to eat and he went from being in the 10th percentile at birth to the 25th percentile by 2 months. Not a huge baby by comparison, but he has doubled in size and has these great chunky thighs. :) And as he grows he changes and the similarities fade as he becomes his own. So similar and yet so different. I love to watch them grow! ;) (just wish it was slower. haha)