Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Today was Emma's Mad Hatter Tea Party! She was so excited! (and so was I. lol) I prepared most everything the night before so we only needed to get the balloons. The party was at 12:30 so we hurried to have everything ready on time. When all the kids arrived we made Mad Hatter Party Hats( The only thing I didn't anticipate was that the glitter glue wouldn't be dry in time to wear them, but that didn't stop them from having fun!) For our Tea Party we had the choice of Strawberry or Chocolate milk in our heart shaped tea cups, and the choice of heart shaped peanut butter and Jelly or flower shaped Ham and cheese sandwhiches. They also had strawberries and dip, apples with peanut butter, and deviled eggs. Then they all played together while I cleaned up, and then we played the "Unbirthday Game" which was a hit. I stole this idea from my friend Nicole(Thanks Nicole!). I wrapped prizes up and they passed them around like hot potatoes while the Unbirthday song from Alice in Wonderland was playing. When the music stopped whoever had the gift got to open it. They had fun, but didn't want to pass it along because they wanted to be the next to open a gift. I had to keep urging it forward, but everyone got a turn and won a prize. We then let Emma open her gifts and then we sang her Happy Birthday and had cupcakes. It was a whirlwind of a day and after everyone had gone I sat down to rest. haha. But Emma had such a good time and it turned out so cute it made it all worth it! Below is a slideshow of our Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emma's Family Pizza Party Jan 19th

Emma had a very spectacular birthday this year! When ever is Jan 19th 70 degrees outside?? So why not enjoy it? We had a fun lunch and then we decided to do something we hadn't done before. Emma road her new bike to the park for the first time and did great! She played her heart out in the beautiful weather and I sat and basked in the sun. I totally ate it up as much as everyone else I think. It was so darn nice. At this point Emma tells me that she was doing so good riding her bike because she was 5 now. She also demonstrated that this made her bigger by telling me she grew more and put her hand above her head to show me how much that meant. Too funny. Then it was time to ride that bike home. She got going a bit too fast and took a small spill that scared her more than hurt her. I managed to calm her down and point out that she wasn't actually hurt and that she had actually bled on an owie at home more than this. I finally got her back on the bike and when we got home I told her she must be 5 because she got back on the bike like a big girl would. She was pretty proud of herself. In the evening we had everyone over for pizza to celebrate Emma and Parker's birthday. It was so nice to visit. Emma was so excited. She kept asking all day when they were coming. She also had it in her head that she wasn't actually 5 until we sang her Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles. I thought that was pretty funny. We all had our pizza, played and visited, and then Emma and Parker opened their gifts and we had cake and ice cream. And of course the day was over as soon as it got started it seemed. Just like the last 5 years that zipped by. Emma is such a vibrant, smart, and loving little girl. We could not be more blessed! She brightens our day with her humor and charisma. She is my little helper, from cleaning up her room, to helping mommy with dishes or making dinner. And she loves to give loves. I eat it up! She will be a great big sister and helper to mommy when the baby arrives. She is such a sweetheart and I am fully enjoying being her mother. Happy Birthday Emma! But its not over yet....Emma is having a Mad Hatter Tea Party with friends on Saturday. I am so excited for it. More than Emma. I put alot of planning into it so I hope it turns out! Wish me luck and I hope to post pics of it on Sunday. :)

Christmas 2010

Well, due to an unforseen technical issue, our camera bit the dust and took with it all the Christmas pictures. Total Bummer. But we had a very nice relaxing Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Phil's brother Austin and his family. We went to see the new Narnia movie which was pretty good and then we had Claim Jumper for dinner. We had to take it to go since they were closing early due to the holiday, but it was still yummy. :) After they went home we let Emma set out the milk and cookies and then off to bed she went so Santa could bring her presents. Before we went to bed we joked that this would be the year that Emma woke up early. She has been such a good sleeper and we havent been up before 8 so far. And of course we were right. At 7, almost on the dot, she was in our room waking us up. She crawled in with us and says, " Santa came!" I said, "How do you know?" "Because he ate the cookies...and brought me a bike!" We laughed. She went to check things out before she came to wake us up. And so we dragged oursleves out of bed and followed the excited Emma into the living room and opened presents. Then we made a big Christmas Breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and juice. Mmmmm. We took it easy all day and then made a nice Christmas dinner. My aunt and uncle came and my Dad. I had never done a ham before, but it turned out to be pretty easy. It was just so nice to relax and enjoy eachother. Emma made off like a bandit. lol. And by next year, we will have a new little person to spoil. lol. Hope all had a Merry Christmas too! And onto yet another year....