Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Emma is officially enrolled in Kindergarten!

It is official! Emma will be a kindergartner as of Sept 7th at Opportunity Elementary here in Spokane. Home of the Pandas! Don't know who her teacher will be yet. Since we moved over the summer we are technically late registration. Next week she has her assessment and then on Sept 6th it is back to school night. Somewhere in there we will find out who her teacher is and whether she is morning or afternoon. I prefer afternoon since none of us are morning people, and with Phil's schedule and us down to one car, its best for all of us. But we will see. One way or the other, Miss Emma is going to school! Class of 2025! :)

Emma's New Room

One of the first projects on my list as soon as we got to WA was to have Emma's room done before school started. I am almost finished! I got her bedding on sale just before we moved and I think it is totally Emma. I painted her accent wall a very soft pink and left the remaining walls the color they were, a neutral tan. I got a hot pink accent rug and hung her pink window panels(from her old room, but they look even better in this room. haha) and I even decopaged her old white name letters with fun paper. So far so good. On one of the walls you can't see I plan to do a series of B&W family photos in fun frames. Her room is the lightest of them all with two nice size windows. She goes in there for long periods of time and I think its a hit! A big girl room for a big girl who is going to Kindergarten. Its been a long few months and lots of change and she has been a real trooper! Here's to you Emma!

Emma's hair cut with a REAL hair stylist. :)

I have always generally cut Emma's hair. I have had Great clips do it once and this place called Kids Kutz, but all in all its usually me. But this year Emma is going to Kindergarten and I wanted someone to give her a cute bob with layers and volume that I knew my simple hand could not do without some possible catastrophe. At the time were staying with the Flemings while Phil got us unloaded in WA, and they have someone who does there hair regularly and so we made an appointment. It was a cute little shop(adorable actually. you can see the colors in the pics) in her home and Emma did great. She was a little nervous about putting her head back in the sink, but you can see from the pictures she survived. lol. It turned out very cute and I am very glad we did it. Emma was strutting around for 2 days showing her hair off to everyone. :) And the next to Kindergarten......(sigh)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Owen Rolls Over!

Owen has learned tummy time is not all that bad and is now rolling over! In this short clip he wraps himself up like a little burrito. :) (and ignore my baby voice. haha!)

Harry Potter Mania!

The final Harry Potter movie came out on July 15th and like the nuts we are we went to the midnight showing. :) I should preface that I do not normally do that kind of thing...rushing to midnight movies and I do not dress up like characters or anything crazy. So it was pretty funny when we decided to make a bigger deal than we usually do. Hey, it was the last movie and this was our last chance to just kinda have fun with it. We spent years reading the books and anticipating release dates. We even stood in lines at book stores at midnight to get our copy of the next book and then would rush home to race to the finish. And we waited just as eagerly for the movies, so this was our last chance to go out with a bang. We still weren't that crazy, but we made some fun shirts and I even put a lightening scar on my forehead. :) And Rachel made us Deathly Hallows tattoos and a Dark Mark for Jared who was sporting Slytherin green instead of Gryffindor. I had an HP with a snitch on the front of my shirt and the back said, " Make Love, Not horcruxes." I thought it was pretty funny. Rachel's had the Hogwarts Crest and the back of hers said, "Real men don't sparkle, they defeat dark lords." We had just as much fun planning and making shirts as actually going to the movie. And it was packed! And yes, people in costumes of all varying degree. :) The movie was great and when it ended, we all had that moment of ...Sad, its all over. But it was fun while it lasted. :)

Things Owen can Do! (4 months)

Owen is now 4 months old! Ahhhhhh! Where DOES the time go? He is now 14 pounds and 25.5 inches long. He can roll over from tummy to back and is almost sitting up without support. He is learning tummy time isn't so bad. He is drooling up a storm! Teething of course, but nothing is thru yet. He loves to put anything and everything in his mouth. He has found his toes and grabs on to them all the time. He loves to watch Emma and he loves mommy to hold him. He likes to go in his stroller on walks and just chills. He can soothe himself to sleep which is awesome. Just lay him down in his bed! He has these great chubby little thighs. Even his little wrists have rolls. He is a very happy baby and loves to give smiles and to play, but I posted a pic of his mad face. :) He is an expert at letting you know how he feels. :) He is very expressive, even his facial cues. And his favorite thing to do? Eat of course! That has remained the same. Haha! We are enjoying Owen so very very much and cannot believe how lucky we are! We love you little guy!

4th of July!!!

This year was a pretty low key year for 4th of July. We were in the middle of moving and Phil had flown in for the 3 day weekend and we spent the two days visiting with his family and even stayed the night with them to get the max out of our time. But Phil had to work Tuesday so he had to fly back home and couldn't stay for fireworks. But we still had a great time seeing him! After he left my Dad brought over a big bag of the good fireworks (illegal of course. haha) and Rachel and I had a Harry Potter dual with our Roman Candles! :) Emma HATED the bang noise of the large fireworks and as you can see kept her fingers stuffed in her ears. :) Just to be a little festive this year I got Emma dressed up in Red White and Blue and I even painted her face. And Owen? Totally asleep in his room, completely unphased by the loud noises. :)