Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jude is ONE!

My baby is ONE YEAR OLD! I can't believe how fast that year went! So many changes! So much growth!

Jude has blossomed from a perfectly round newborn to a rambunctious and curious one year old. Oh what fun it is to be one! Here are some fun facts about Jude at one year old:

He is crawling and cruising along the couches. So close to walking, but not quite yet,

Jude has four teeth, two on top and two on bottom.

He has wisps of golden blond hair that curls at his ears. Its so soft and fine.

His eyes are SO blue! People comment on them all the time!

Jude has outgrown his jumper and floor toys and prefers to play with Owen's toys when he isn't looking. Ha!

He adores his big brother and sister! He tries so hard to follow them and be involved.

Jude is still a big Momma's boy, and Momma is just fine with that!

Jude is our pickiest eater. He isn't liking anything with texture and Mom isn't having fun trying to figure out what he'll eat.

He graduated to sippy cups, but hasn't mastered the straw yet.

Mom is so lucky that Jude is a great sleeper. 12 hours almost every night!

At a year old, Jude is starting to say words like, Uh Oh, Momma, Dada etc. He also screeches if something isn't going his way to let you know he isn't happy about it.

Jude is such a happy and playful baby. He is the sweetest little guy and we cannot get enough of him! This last year has been so fun watching him learn and grow. I cannot wait to see what his next year of milestones will bring! We love you Jude and are so lucky to call you ours!

Jude's First Birthday photos by Holly Clouse!  Our Decemeber baby!

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